Xiaomi Removes SMS Scheduling in MIUI 9, Cites Low Number of SMS Users as Reason

by Habeeb Onawole 2

It’s been months since Xiaomi announced it has begun work on the next version of MIUI. Most people thought the new version called MIUI 9 will be announced alongside the Mi Max 2, just as they announced MIUI 8 and the original Mi Max together. However, a Weibo post from the official MIUI account dashed their hopes, specifically stating that MIUI 9 won’t launch alongside the Mi Max 2 on May 25.

MIUI SMS Scheduling

Today news about the new user-interface is about a feature that will no longer be available. SMS scheduling or Timed Messages is a feature that lets you send messages to contacts on specific dates and time chosen by you. It was first introduced in MIUI 2.3 and was particularly useful for sending holiday wishes.

All you had to do was compose the message, add the contacts you want it sent to, and configure the time and date you want it sent. Once it was exactly that time and date, the messages would be sent out.

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Xiaomi is removing that feature from MIUI 9 because they feel very few people use SMS anymore. Another reason they have given is that the processing power used for the feature can be channeled to other functions.