Early LG V30 Design Images Reveals Secondary Display That Slides Out

by Habeeb Onawole 0

There are several steps involved when it comes to making a phone. One of the interesting parts is the design stage, where several design ideas are submitted and only one is chosen. Sometimes we get to see some of these designs leak after the product is released, while at other times, it is before the product is even out.

These design images provided by Evan Blass (@evleaks) are said to be old mock-ups of Project Joan a.k.a LG V30. It is important to note that LG may no longer be using this design and the LG V30 may look entirely different. However, the design is interesting and is one that has never been seen before on a smartphone.

First thing the leak reveals is the codename for the V30 which is Project Joan. So there’s a chance that other leaks in the future might surface under this name.

Going into the design, we see LG V30 sports the slide design of old that was brought back by the BlackBerry Priv. However, instead of sliding upwards to reveal a physical keyboard, we get a secondary display.

The secondary display serves a number of functions depending on the app in use as seen from follow up tweets. It can serve as a shortcut panel for a number of apps. In the image above, we see it holding a bunch of Google apps.

In a third tweet, we see the secondary display take on a number of functions: as a sub-menu for a number of apps; a keyboard for a chat app, and an extension of the main screen when its locked. In the very first image, it even serves as a sort-of always-on display when you slide down the phone.

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Another interesting thing about this design of the LG V30 is the camera design at the back. If you take a closer look, there seems to be three camera sensors and a LED flash in that setup. The phone is also missing a fingerprint sensor. LG doesn’t use a side-mounted fingerprint scanner, so it can’t possibly be embedded in the power button. Since this is just a possible design, we can forgive these omissions.

What do you think of the design? Hit or miss?