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Nubia UI 5.0 Will Roll Out To Eligible Phones Starting This Month

by Habeeb Onawole 2

Alongside the announcement of the Nubia Z17, the Chinese manufacturer also announced its new UI, Nubia UI 5.0. Nubia has announced that the new UI will be available for eligible devices and have released a roll-out plan.

Nubia UI 5.0

The update starts with a closed beta version for the Nubia Z11 this month. Then it will make its way as a stable version to the Z17 Mini, the Z11, Z11 Max and Z11 Mini in August.

Second stage of roll-out includes the Z11 Mini S, Z9, Z9 Mini, Z9 Mini Elite Edition, Z9 Max Full Netcom version, Z9 Max Mobile Unicom version and the Z9 Max Elite.

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Nubia UI 5.0 brings a number of new features. For example, the icons are animated, so apps like the calendar will change icons according to the season (or weather). You can also long press on an icon to bring up sub-menu options just like you are right-clicking on a PC. There is split-screen multi-tasking and a bunch of other features too.



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  • AtereJr

    There has been split screen since Z11 mini (which was running on android 5.1 back then). Nubia were among the first (if not the first) to start the split screen feature on smartphones even b4 Google had the idea about it.

    • MinusPlusDivide

      Z7 and Z9 has split screen too and it is better than Google/Samsung version because it can virtually split almost every app.

      and it even has split screen resize before Google get the idea for Android O.