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Nubia Z17 vs Huawei P10 vs Xiaomi Mi 6 Low Light Camera Performance Comparison: Guess Who Wins?

by Joe 10

Nubia Z17’s entry into the smartphone market brought yet another dual camera choice for us customers. But having so many flagships feature a similar dual camera setup could end up being confusing for all of us. These are flagship models, which means their camera quality would be pretty good by default. This is particularly evident in the pictures taken in daylight wherein most 2017 flagship cameras would do a great job of getting detailed, clear and focused shots. But things are a bit different when it comes to low light images. The same flagships who did well in the daytime may not perform as well as we would expect at night, which is why it makes sense to see which brand has optimized their cameras for the best images, including in low-light environment. And while playing around with the newly announced Nubia Z17 (hands on here!), I was quite surprised to see a stark difference in the low-light image quality from the Z17 as compared to the Huawei P10 and Xiaomi Mi 6 models.

Nubia Z17 Hands on (5)

First up, Nubia is known for its stellar camera quality and its Neovision software. The company’s phones have managed to take pretty good pictures in the past and the same continues with the Z17. We will definitely bring a comparison of the Nubia Z17 vs Huawei P10 vs Xiaomi Mi 6 camera performance in daylight (most likely by today evening) but first, let us check out how these three smartphones perform in low-light situations. So, we are comparing these three flagships from top brands in China to see which one has better low-light images.

Left to Right: Nubia Z17 vs Huawei P10 vs Mi 6

So, look at this image. The leftmost sample is from the Nubia 17 (also evident from the watermark) and at the center is the Huawei P10 sample and on the right lies the Mi 6 sample. The Nubia Z17 clearly takes the more vibrant and brighter image of the three. P10’s sample looks warmer and the colors are good while the Mi 6’s sample looks pretty dull. Out of the three, I would clearly select Z17’s sample as the best because of its clarity and light. The green leaves are a bit better on the P10, but still, the best overall picture has to be the Z17’s sample. You can further see Nubia Z17’s stellar performance in low light in the samples down below. I’m actually quite impressed with Nubia’s dual cameras.

In some instances, the Huawei P10 does take better images (more color and less noise). For example, in the image of the doll down below, the colors are better on the P10 and the noise is limited as well.

Check out the low-light images below and let me know which phone do you think is the best.

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  • Gabriel Fernandes

    IMO Noobia

  • Crank

    Nubia! But lets wait and see what Mi Note 3 can do …

    • Crank

      … no, sorry, if the rumours are true its camera wont be better than Mi6.

  • NextHype

    P10 got better color reproduction
    Nubia got better brightness and contrast
    Xiaomi got a photoshop team working on their advertisment pictures and a terrible R&D team when it comes to sensor optimization

    • Beloved Chairman Lei Jun

      Have u even tried Millet 6 camera? Pls try it before making wrong accusations and lies. Thx for the support of the millet.

      • NextHype

        OMG you’re back.
        Hail to the great Lei Jun !

  • I had the ZTE Nubia Z9 for over 2 years… now made the switch to the Huawei P10 Plus… I think the Leica set-up is meant for selfie shooters and food lovers that post their stuff to Instagram, because it’s not really that great for land- and cityscapes. The Z9 with Neovision set-up I liked far better with much crisper/sharper/detailed results. I guess I fell for the Leica-marketing that doesn’t really hold up that well in practice. Now I might just get the Z17 instead…

  • takeitez

    Sorry. I don’t believe anything until I see what some of the honest youtube reviewers have to say.

    • The photos tell us the truth 🙂

    • We taken these pictures yesterday, if you have any question about these phones, just let me know here.