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ZTE Nubia Z17 Hands On: Bezel-less Dual Camera Beauty!

by Joe 28

This year has been quite exciting in terms of smartphone releases, with multiple brands, even the ones that failed in 2016, releasing flagships that are worthy of our attention. The Galaxy S8, Xiaomi Mi 6, Huawei P10 (except for that memory issue) have all been capable smartphones. Last week, we got an addition to that list, thanks to ZTE’s subsidiary, Nubia. The brand announced one of the first 8GB smartphones to be released in the market, the Nubia Z17 and guess what, we have already got our hands on this bezel-less beauty!

Nubia Z17 handson (3)

The Nubia Z17 continues on the bezel-less design used by its predecessor, the Z11 and comes with the new generation aRC 3.0 (arc refractive conduction) to ensure the minimum thickness of the screen. In fact, the front of the phone looks beautiful with the screen extending to the sides. However, the bezels on the top as well as the bottom are quite significant and if we had to pick out something to complain in the Nubia Z17 Hands on, those bezels would be on top of our list. Still, the overall phone feels good to hold, not too large and in fact, because of its bezel-less sides, the phone is just as wide as the Mi 6 (less than 2mm difference). If you have ever got the Nubia Z11 in your hands, then you know the Z17’s size as well because of its near similar dimensions.

Wait, actually, I have a photo comparing the Z17 vs Mi 6 side by side.

Nubia Z17 Hands on (1)

The built quality of the Nubia Z17 is pretty good, which has been one of the company’s highlights. The metal body gives the phone a sturdy built without any issues of getting fingerprint marks at the back. The back texture is simple and the dual cameras are on the top corner of the back along with a dual tone LED flash. The dual camera does protrude a little from the back but we haven’t faced any scratching issues yet. Nubia seems to have taken care of the glass covering the camera setup. There’s a fingerprint sensor at the back as well, which was fast and responsive in our initial hands on.

Nubia Z17 handson (6)

Nubia Z17 handson (11)
See how the camera setup protrudes from the body

The display looks vibrant and the touch response is good. The red circular home button is capacitive.

Nubia Z17 handson (2)

The dual 23MP + 12MP setup at the back is actually pretty impressive. It’s fast and might even be better than Xiaomi Mi 6‘s dual cameras. We will definitely pitch them both together for a dual camera shootout in the next couple of days. The overall Nubia UI is fast and responsive. Nubia Z17 Hands on (5)

You can check out more pictures of the Nubia Z17 hands on from the gallery down below.


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  • Assefa Hanson

    Is that fingerprint scanner as fast as the vernee Thor e?

    • much better

      • Assefa Hanson

        There is no way it would be much better maybe slightly but it’s understandable that there would be bias for the more expensive device

        • John Doe

          You are a Troll. You must be working for Vernee

          • Assefa Hanson

            I’m not a troll lol but that is to be expected, quality is a rented product bigger oems have a higher chance of reproducing high quality but on rare occasions we have those underdog moments and I’m saying this is one of those cases for vernee, I made this conclusion after a demonstration I saw on China mobilemag on YouTube of it’s fingerprint scanner, it’s faster than the xiaomi mi 6 even

            Ok so I gave you a base of my conclusion with even a source, it’s easy to just call me a troll vs accepting the possibility that a cheap unknown brand can get ONE feature right over a 400 dollar flagship, but if it makes you uncomfortable that what I say might challenge your assumptions feel free to do the name calling

          • Muhammad Yasir

            what’s the pay for ur advertising job ?!

          • Assefa Hanson

            7 us/hour

          • Muhammad Yasir

            I WANT IT TOO !

          • Assefa Hanson


          • Muhammad Yasir

            u were bluffing ?!

            i’m low on cash here dude !

            NEVER mess with a low on cash dude !

          • Kyuo Chua

            Why struggle arguing with that tiny part of the phone? I don’t think unlocking faster by say 0.01 sec with make serious difference anyway. We aren’t participating in some sort of phone competition, as long as the overall experience of the phone worth the price paid.

          • Assefa Hanson

            Didn’t meant to come off as argumentative, I was really impressed by it’s speed so I just wanted to give it a little praise, I’m always trying to see what device has the best what then I compare across all price brackets

          • Kyuo Chua

            Maybe you were right that Vernee Thor E has faster fingerprint recognition. But that might just be the only thing Vernee planned to aim at for this model. Comparing with premium flagship, tons of feature are outmatched in a long run. You paid what you get after all.

          • Assefa Hanson

            Yes the Nubia is immensly better at least you get my point

          • Nilzie

            If it’s pay for what you get then why can I get a much better Xiaomi for much less than a Samsung or HTC phone? Flawed logic

          • Kyuo Chua

            It’s a different perspective for different people. You really paid for what you get, including brand recognition.

        • Nubia and Vernee stand on different level

          • Assefa Hanson

            That’s not the point, that doesn’t mean flagship devices beat “lower level” devices in everything, I’m sure the redmi note 4x has batter battery life vs every 800 dollar flagship, like I said the bias exist just because I said one feature beats that of a superior phone my guess is you translated what I said as : vernee is better than nubia

  • mustafa mustafa

    please make a review quickly

  • Rick Flair

    Sexy bitch! top and bottom bezels are as always with zte still too big

  • I would be more impressed with this phone if the front bezels were the same colour as the back. A phone with all black front bezels regardless of back colour smacks of corner-cutting to me. Creates initial impression of cheap and cheerful rather than premium.

  • Qidamin

    Where did you get the phone from? it has multilanguages out of the box or is it a crappy Vendor rom? it should be only Chinese/English…

    • This is China version, but the original software is multi-language, includes more than 20 languages. I think it’s good news for international users, and now, only 64GB black version available.

      • Qidamin

        Nice but strange as most of the Chinese phone bought in China only have Chinese and English (as it was the case for the Z11).

        • Gareth Edwards

          Does the Nubia z17 come with the Google play store, or if not is it easy enough to install via a zip file or…? Not sure if I should pull the trigger on this or wait a week for the oneplus 5 announcement(though some sites ie your giztop website list it as in stock already??!!!

  • Nilzie

    This is the real flagship killer. Mi6 has been slain.

  • Marcus

    What will it cost in dollar?!