The Every Night Multi-Functional Portable Blanket Costs Just ¥99 ($15)

by Habeeb Onawole 1

Today is Tuesday and that means a new product on the Mijia platform. Today’s product is the Every Night Multi-Functional Portable Blanket by Jiangsu Textile Technology Co. Ltd. This is the same company behind the Every Night Cotton Bed Set launched back in April.

Every Night Multi-Functional Portable Blanket

The blanket is referred to as multi-functional because you can practically use it anywhere. It won’t look odd if you take it along to work, on a trip, or use it at home. Plus it is also designed to be of use whether it is hot or cold.

The Every Night Multi-Functional Portable Blanket measures 140 x 80 cm and can be folded into a size not bigger than a small throw pillow. The blanket is filled with gray goose feathers and covered with cashmere. It also has buttons that hold it in place when you drape it over your shoulders, allowing you use your hands for other tasks.

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The Every Night Multi-Functional Portable Blanket is priced at ¥99 (∼$15) and will start shipping from July 10.