The 8H Pocket Spring Fabric Sofa is Mijia’s New Crowdfunding Product

by Habeeb Onawole 1

Last week, a few products were added to the growing Mijia crowdfunding catalog. One of which is the Red Dot Stainless Steel Pot Series. Another product they launched is also destined for the home but this time the living room, is the 8H Pocket Spring Fabric Sofa.

8H Pocket Spring Fabric Sofa Lovseat

The 8H Pocket Spring Fabric Sofa comes as a three seater, a loveseat, and an armchair. The Thomasville-crafted sofas features dyed Russian larch fabric that is waterproof and doesn’t fade easily. It is available in three colors: twilight gray, dawn gray and mountain green.

The fabric can be easily removed for washing as it is not permanently attached to the sofa. Just undo the zippers and velcros at the corners and you can wash them or replace them in case you want a different color theme.

The sofa uses industry standard 35kg/m3 high density rebound sponge and 49 stainless steel bars for support. The loveseat is said to be able to support up to 272kg without deformation.

The 8H Pocket Spring Fabric Sofa is easy to assemble and doesn’t require tools. It is as simple as sliding the hinges and hooks into the right position.

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The armchair is priced at ¥999 (~$147); the loveseat comes in at ¥1699 (~$250); and the three seater sells for ¥1999 (~$294). It is surprising that there is no option to buy all three together. Do note that none of the seats come with throw pillows. The 8H Pocket Spring Fabric Sofa has already crossed its crowdfunding mark but there is still 13 days left. Shipping begins on July 6.

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