Samsung Working On New Gear VR With 2000ppi

by Habeeb Onawole 1

If you own a pair of VR glasses, you must have experienced the feeling of nausea that comes after using it for a while. Samsung plans to solve that by fitting its next Gear VR glasses with a 2000ppi display.

Samsung Gear VR 2

The info comes from industry insiders who say the display is a OLED. Samsung says crossing the 1000ppi mark eliminates the feeling of nausea caused from usage. Unlike the current Gear VR that requires the use of your phone, this will work independently.

2000ppi is pretty high. The Oculus Rift has a ppi of 461, same as that of the HTC Vive for each of its screens. The Galaxy S8 has a pixel density of 570 and that is the highest on any of its phones. But we are not bothered, as we believe Samsung Display is up to the task.

At this year’s edition of Display week, Samsung showed off a new 3.5-inch panel with a ppi of 858. We guess that is not enough to prevent nausea.

Apart from playing games, the new headset will be perfect for watching movies as the high resolution means videos are no longer pixelated.

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The new Gear VR headset is expected to launch with the Galaxy S9 next year and is sure to have an expensive price tag. At the moment Google is also working on a pair of standalone Daydream VR glasses with HTC and Lenovo. The headsets will be powered by Qualcomm chips and are expected to launch later this year.

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