OnePlus 5’s Water Resistance Confirmed by CEO and Water Test, but OnePlus is Not Advertising it

by Anvinraj Valiyathara 6

When OnePlus 5 was launched, the company did not mention whether it is a water-resistant phone. In the recent weeks, a French publication, some YouTubers and OnePlus CEO Pete Lau have all confirmed that the OnePlus 5 offers some degree of water resistance.

A YouTuber named Shaizor has done water test of OnePlus 5 on Techno Unboxing. He can be seen placing the OnePlus 5 in a bowl of water and starting a 60-second timer. He keeps on adding water until the OnePlus 5 is fully submerged. He tries to access the touchscreen screen of the phone but there is no feedback. However, the display remains on during the one-minute water test.

After the OnePlus 5 is removed from the bowl, its touchscreen functions properly and so are its Home button. There is no damage done to the camera. The OnePlus 5 successfully clears the water test.

OnePlus 5 teardown video released by JerryRigEverything reveals that the company has not used adhesive between screen and the frame. Also, there is no sealant around the SIM tray. This suggests that the OnePlus 5 may survive a water test of submerging it in a bowl of water, but it may not survive in real-world situations.

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According to a French publication, OnePlus 5’s water resistance can be certified as IP67. A IP67 rated device can remain undamaged even if it is submerged in 1 meter deep water for 30 minutes. The Apple iPhone 6S also offers the same level of water resistance, but the company never marketed this feature. Likewise, the OnePlus is not promoting the water resistance of OnePlus.

During a recent interview to Indian Express, when OnePlus CEO Pete Lau was asked whether the company skipped waterproofing to provide better thermal dissipation on OnePlus 5, he replied this is one of the smaller factors. Lau said that he does not feel that waterproofing is a major requirement for the consumer. He added that waterproofing a device increases its weight and makes it thicker. And also, he did confirm that OnePlus 5 offers certain degree of waterproofing, but the company choose not to advertise it.

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