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OnePlus 5’s 6 Major Criticisms Tackled by OnePlus CEO Pete Lau

by Anvinraj Valiyathara 14

OnePlus 5 was officially unveiled on June 20 and as of today, it is available in markets like the U.S., China and India. The official teaser of the OnePlus 5s that appeared before its launch initiated criticism on its design as many started complaining that it resembles the iPhone 7 Plus. The company was also criticized for making the OnePlus 5 record highly impressive benchmark scores by cheating. Even though the company promised 2x optical zoom on its dual cameras, it only supports 1.6x optical zoom. It has been also found that the Chinese firm has not upgraded the display on OnePlus 5 as it is using the same full HD screen that’s available on the predecessor phone. Today, OnePlus co-founder and CEO Pete Lau has addressed some of the criticisms.

OnePlus 5 Benchmarks Controversy

One of the most embarrassing accusations on OnePlus 5 as XDA Developers have found that when the smartphone detects that a benchmarking app has been launched on it, it automatically delivers high performance. Lau responded on this accusation by saying that OnePlus does not know how to overclock the processor and the company only tried to unleash the full potential of the processor. In another statement, he said that boosted scores on various benchmarking apps shows the true performance capabilities of their newest flagship and it is not cheating.

Generally, people do not rely on benchmark scores while purchasing a smartphone. However, deliberate increased performance on benchmark apps may make the reviewers praise the smartphone for its topnotch performance which can influence buyers who prefer to read reviews before buying a smartphone.

oneplus 5 hands on (5)

OnePlus 5 Resemblance with iPhone 7 Plus

OnePlus 5’s dual rear camera and its LED as well as its antenna bands makes it appear quite similar to iPhone 7 Plus. On this issue, Lau responded by saying that he has been hearing such things since the time the company launched the OnePlus One. He added that “time has proved everything” as it now become a classic phone.

OnePlus 5 Does Not Feature Upgraded Display

OnePlus 5 was expected to come with Quad HD display screen as the company has been offering full HD screen since OnePlus One. Many have complained that even though the OnePlus 5 comes with a higher pricing, it still features a full HD display. Lau said that 2K screens consume more power. Hence, in a bid to deliver best experience to the users, it has stuck to FHD screen.

OnePlus 5’s Dual Rear Camera Needs Improvement

OnePlus 5 comes with a 16-megapixel + 20-megapixel dual rear camera module. When asked whether the present dual camera technology is imperfect, Lau answered by saying there is still scope for improvement. He added the dual cameras of OnePlus 5 offers the best possible images. He also said that, “technology around the camera will continue to progress and I expect more improvement.“ As far as the controversy regarding zooming capabilities of OnePlus 5, Carl Pei had released the following tweet soon after the launch of the phone:

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Skipping Waterproof Feature on OnePlus 5

When Lau was asked whether the company skipped waterproofing on OnePlus in order to ensure better thermal dissipation, he replied that he does not believe waterproofing is a big consumer requirement. It only increases the weight of the phone and makes it thicker. He further said that even though the company has not advertised about water resistance capabilities of OnePlus 5, the flagship does offer a certain degree of waterproofing. Well, this has been confirmed through OnePlus 5 teardown.

OnePlus 5’s Expensive Pricing

OnePlus has been always known for selling low-priced flagship phones. However, the highest variant of OnePlus 5 that features 8 GB RAM and 128 GB of storage is priced at $539 in the U.S. According to Lau, the reason why OnePlus 5 carries an expensive pricing is because the increased cost of the components like Snapdragon 835 CPU, internal storage and 8 GB RAM. He has even said that even the pricing of a minor thing like the retail box has increased this year.

What do you think about the above responses from OnePlus CEO on all the issues surrounding OnePlus 5? Do share your thoughts by adding your comments below.



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  • Weng

    I think it’s acceptable except for the design which is imo, true flagship should carry their own identity and design. Different in appearance make a strong selling point.

    • Faress ElFarissi

      Like nubia

  • Snap

    yes. this is simply an iPhone rip off. what a shame on Oneplus! Only the wooden cover can repair the image damage.

  • Zero

    I would accept a vertical camera distribution…. Why they copied iPhone hard?

    • Billy Williams

      And by Apple you mean they copied the R11 which was released a month before hand and is the exact same body style? So much so that they can actually use the same cases? This shouldn’t be surprising considering Oppo/Vivo/OnePlus are all the same company. They recycle parts and ideas as they should. There’s a reason they are the number 2 phone manufacturer in the world.

      • balcobomber25

        Technically they are not the same company. They share the same investors (BBK), manufacturing (BBK) and ODM (reason for similar designs) but they are considered separate companies from one another.

        • Billy Williams

          They are the same company…the Same way Lexus and Toyota are the same company… Brand separation doesn’t make it a different company. From a business standpoint all of their money goes to their investors…all of their investors are owners in Vivo/Oppo who are all part of BBK. Having different sub companies under the same umbrella doesn’t change the reality. When they say BBK is the number 2 phone manufacturer in the world they compile all the sales from Vivo/Oppo/OnePlus. It would be one thing if they didn’t just release 5 consecutive phones all using the exact same equipment and design but that’s not the case. If you’re willing to say that Mercury/Lincoln is not Ford then maybe you have a point…but then you’ll actually have to demonstrate that as true, which is the hard part.

          • balcobomber25

            For market share purposes Oppo and Vivo are distinctly different companies. They also have their own CEOs, board of directors and investor’s. There isn’t a single metric, analysis or financial statement that counts BBK as the second largest phone manufacturer. BBK themselves is counted as Vivo. Oppo is counted separately.

  • David

    I’m writing this from my new op5 I got few days ago. Phone is really premium but it’s a bit overpriced and op3 still has better value. I owned all of them.

  • Budi Darmawan Diswan

    500USD for iPhone 7 plus clone is a shame, i think it’s better to own Nubia Z17 which comes with original design, waterproof, same hardware (snap835/8gb) and competitive prices…

    • Dave White

      and available from where for cheaper than the OP5???

  • balcobomber25

    I think the whole water-proof thing is overrated. I have had a lot of phones in my lifetime and have had exactly 2 that suffered any water damage, and one of them was a Sony that was “water-proof”.

  • Dave White

    I’ve a Huawei Mate 9 Pro and just bought the OP5. Its a real disappointment. Nothing blows me away about it. The camera and software is vastly better on the Huawei and has a better battery and 2k screen. feels more premium. its let down by lack of software development though. I’ll try the OP5, but i think it’ll go.

  • 3Dkiller

    Pete Lau is full of shit…. Oneplus5 is copy paste version of the Iphone.. you must be blind to not see it and a moron to deniying it.
    The dual camera shot quality is behind the Samsung S7.. and it focus slower then the Oneplus 3T.