OnePlus 5 Looks Like iPhone 7 Plus? OnePlus Co-founder Says Such Talks Will Stop After OnePlus 5 Arrives

by Anvinraj Valiyathara 1

Since several months, the rumor mill had been speculating on the design of the OnePlus 5 by releasing numerous leaked renders based on speculations surrounding the flagship phone. However, since the time the Chinese manufacturer released an official teaser of the OnePlus 5 to reveal its appearance, there has been a backlash on social platforms like Twitter and Reddit to express the disappointment on the design of the phone as it appears very similar to iPhone 7 Plus. OnePlus co-founder, Carl Pei has released a new tweet to express his views on the issue.

OnePlus is building hype on the upcoming OnePlus 5 flagship killer by consistently releasing camera samples that are allegedly shot using its dual rear camera. At the same time, the company seems to be keeping an eye on how people are reacting to the teasers. This has become evident as Pei has released a tweet in response to public’s reaction on the design of OnePlus 5. Here is the tweet:

The above tweet says that before the official launch of OnePlus 3, people were not happy with its design. However, the disappointment on OnePlus 3’s design cooled down as soon as the phone reached the users. Another tweet from Pei states that the history will repeat itself when the people will see the OnePlus 5 in real. It seems that the Pei wants to say that the displeasure surrounding the design of OnePlus 5 will melt down when it will be unveiled.

Before the launch of OnePlus 3, people criticized on its design by saying that its appears like a hybrid of Samsung Galaxy S6 and HTC 10. Even though the OnePlus 3 had appeared a bit like these phones, the OnePlus phone still had its own distinctive appeal. It wasn’t like the HTC One A9 mid-range phone that appeared very similar to the iPhone 6. Even after the release of HTC One A9, it is still remembered as a rip-off of iPhone 6.


OnePlus 5 image


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The above images clearly show that the design and placement of the dual rear camera of OnePlus 5 is very similar to iPhone 7 Plus. Even the position of the LED flash on OnePlus 5 resembles with iPhone 7 Plus. The selfie camera on both the phones also appear to be in the same position.

Do you think that the criticism surrounding the OnePlus 5’s design will subside after its launch? Share us your thoughts by adding comments below.