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Leaked Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Protective Case Reveals Interesting Features

by Jed John 6

Samsung‘s next Galaxy Note series flagship, the Galaxy Note 8 is touted to come with a price that would make it Samsung’s highest priced smartphone. An earlier leak sort of pre-informs us that we shouldn’t expect anything less than $1000 on the Note 8. As such, we expect a top ranking, sleek design on the flagship Galaxy Note 8 in addition to a well-studded specs line-up.Samsung Galaxy Note 8

A Weibo leaker has now leaked what is said to be the protective casing of the Galaxy Note 8 for us to see what the design looks like. Although we won’t be able to see the entire design of the device, the protective casing affords us the chance to see where the openings are and as such know the location of some of its hardware like the camera. In this case, one interesting feature that we can see on the device is the cut-out at the rear which shows the Samsung flagship will come with a dual camera setup. The dual cameras are aligned in a horizontal direction with what should be a dual-tone LED flash but the side.Samsung Galaxy Note 8

The device will also come with a rear fingerprint sensor, meaning we’ll still have to wait some more for a front fingerprint sensor-packing Samsung flagship. The opening shows the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 will have a similar fingerprint sensor design like the Galaxy S8. The device is also likely to come with the Bixby AI as there is an opening for the Bixby key. There is also an opening for the Stylus pen at the bottom end as well as a USB Type-C port and yes, there seems to be a 3.5mm audio port.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8

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The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is said to feature a 6.3-inch display with 2K resolution and is expected to be powered by Samsung’s Exynos 8895 chip on one version and a Snapdragon 836 chip on the other version. The memory will be backed by 6GB of RAM with 64GB and 128GB storage versions.


Samsung Galaxy Note 8Samsung Galaxy Note 8



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  • Do Do

    I’ve been using the Note since the 2 and I think this version might be the reason I finally figure out how to work without the stylus. This version seems like a step backwards from the 7. That fingerprint reader and smaller battery on a more powerful phone will be hard to swallow. Some people do more than check facebook and instagram with their phones and actually work with it and from what I can tell the note 8 won’t make it past 2pm for me, and then I can’t replace the battery any longer.

  • So they finally did the same stupid thing with the fingerprint sensor… Don’t they ever learn?

    • TheOracle

      I prefer it on the back actually. Each to his own.

      • I didn’t say I don’t prefer it in the back. In the back is the best place.
        (so “in screen” I will only accept if it is a secondary sensor)
        But I hate the position next to the camera!

        • TheOracle

          Understood. The arrangement looks a little too busy also. Camera lenses on top, with flash and fingerprint sensor underneath vertically would have been better. Either way I’ll be buying the Mi Mix2 instead.

          • I don’t care that it is busy… 😀
            I care that no normal finger can reach there… Esp. that left handed operation is different than right handed…
            The placement is stupid (and will smudge the lens too).
            I wonder how they don’t learn from their mistakes…