Samsung Vega Smart Speaker with Bixby AI in Works

by Anvinraj Valiyathara 0

Various major tech brands such as Apple, Google, Amazon and Microsoft have released their own smart speaker devices. It all started with the launch of Amazon Echo smart speaker in 2016. Speculations have it that Samsung is also working on a smart speaker that will be driven by its own Bixby AI.

A smart speaker consists of a speaker and a digital AI assistant. Amazon Echo is driven by its Alexa AI virtual assistant. Apple’s Siri voice assistant is available on its HomePod smart speaker. The Google Home smart speaker has Google Assistant and a speaker. Microsoft and Samsung collaborated to release Invoke speaker system featuring Harman Kardon speaker and Cortana voice assistant. According to the Wall Street Journal, Samsung is working on a smart speaker that is codenamed as Vega that will be coupled with Bixby AI.

The Bixby AI assistant was first made available on Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ flagship phones. Samsung has even included a dedicated Bixby button on these smartphones. The recently launched Galaxy Note Fan Edition that is exclusively available in South Korea is also equipped with Bixby AI. Currently, Bixby AI only supports Korean language. Its seems that Samsung Vega smart speaker may not arrive soon because the English edition of Bixby is still unavailable.

Samsung Bixby

Its English edition is still in open beta phase and is currently available for testing for registered users in the U.S. Bixby AI is likely to be available for public use by the end of this or by the coming month. Once the Bixby AI is made official for U.S. audience, there is a possibility that Samsung Vega may also release soon. Samsung Vega is likely to support its other smart products such as Smart Home and IoT enabled TVs.. It is expected to feature Harman Kardon speaker as the well-known audio system brand has been acquired by Samsung.

Compared to 2016, smart speaker users have almost doubled this year. A recent survey has revealed that 36 million users in the U.S. use a smart speaker at least one time in a month. When Samsung had launched S Voice couple of years ago, there was no major competition for it.  However, Samsung Vega will face stiff competition from rivals like Amazon Echo, Apple HomePod, Google Home and Microsoft Invoke

What do you think about the Samsung Vega? Will it be able to find success among rival smart speakers?