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KFC Announces Huawei-Made Phone To Mark 30 Years in China

by Habeeb Onawole 6

Fast food chain, Kentucky Fried Chicken popularly known as KFC is marking its 30th year in China in a special way. The American company has partnered with Huawei to release a special Colonel Sanders branded smartphone.

KFC Smartphone

KFC made its way into China in 1987 and 30 years later, it has become the largest restaurant chain in the world’s most populous country with 5138 outlets. That is a lot as they only had 100 outlets in 1997.

The KFC smartphone is actually the Enjoy 7 released a few days ago. It has a 5-inch 720p display, a Snapdragon 425 mobile platform, and 3GB of RAM.

Storage is 32GB with microSD support (128GB max) and a 3020mAh battery supplies juice. The rear camera is a 13MP sensor and up front you get 5MP. There is also a rear-mounted fingerprint scanner.

What makes the KFC smartphone different is its design and additional software features. The KFC smartphone is the red model of the Enjoy 7 with the Colonel’s face and the year it entered China engraved on it.

On the software side, the KFC Smartphone comes with the restaurant’s app which has a built-in music feature called KMusic that let’s you create and share playlists at KFC outlets.

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Only 5000 units of the KFC Smartphone will be available for purchase and it will sell for ¥1099 (∼$162), same price as the Enjoy 7.




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  • Muhammad Yasir


    • NextHype

      that’s a special week… first we see a Putin + Trump phone, now a Colonel Sanders phone…

  • Coinphone

    Ha ha ha ha who would buy that? Mickey Mouse may be but colonel sanders?

    • NextHype

      That would be Mickey D instead of Mickey Mouse ^^

  • NextHype

    Package A* : Huawei KFC phone + screen protector + large bucket + large fries + soda = ¥1199
    Package B* : Huawei KFC phone + screen protector + small bucket + small fries = ¥1099

    *gravy comes free with every package

  • Zero

    This will outsell any Trump phone on any day :V.

    Hope that KFC does it on the global 80th anniversary