Behold The Nokia 8: Dual Cameras, Carl Zeiss Optics & A Nokia 6 Body

by Habeeb Onawole 1

The Nokia 8 is no doubt the next phone to come from HMD Global. Not a week has gone by without at least an article on it. With a rumored July release, we get to see the Nokia 8 in its full glory thanks to Evan Blass (@evleaks).

Earlier today, he had first posted an image of the rear camera setup, confirming it will indeed have dual cameras and Carl Zeiss optics. That image was followed by another one that showed the Nokia 8 in full.


The Nokia 8 can be best described as a Nokia 6 with dual cameras. The design is too similar that we wonder if the design team was just lazy. This is a flagship device and it wouldn’t be too much to see it have thinner bezels or a more premium look.

The Nokia 8 doesn’t have a curved display neither does it have a glass back. This is aluminium and since the design is like that of the Nokia 6, we expect it to have the same strength. According to JerryRigEverything, the Nokia 6 might be the strongest phone of 2017. So here is hoping the Nokia 8 delivers on strength and durability.

The Nokia 8 in the leaked image is blue. The camera setup is covered by a single piece of glass. The dual sensors are lined up vertically which is nice as we are tired of seeing the iPhone 7 Plus’ design. The word “ZEISS” is written below the second sensor followed by what appears to be a laser focus module and then the LED flash below it.

Nokia 8

At the top of the camera housing is a single microphone hole and below the housing is the Nokia logo. Move to the bottom and there is some text that let’s you know it is designed by HMD Global Oy and manufactured in China.

An interesting info you shouldn’t miss is the model number which is TA-1012 and not TA-1004. This is interesting as previous reports had said the Nokia 8 and not the Nokia 9′ model number is TA-1004.

Now the big question is if this is another variant of the Nokia 8, probably with a different memory configuration, or is this the original model number of the device? We will let you know when we confirm.

Up front, we have a physical home button that doubles as a fingerprint scanner. At the top, there is the front facing camera on the left and Nokia’s logo on the right. It is hard to ignore the really thick bezels on this phone.

The Nokia 8 will be powered by a Snapdragon 835 processor paired with 4GB of RAM and 64GB of storage. It is expected to launch at the end of the month with a price tag of €598 (~$686/¥4652) in Europe.