Xiaomi Reportedly Signs Deal With Samsung For 6-inch OLED Panels For Its 2018 Flagship

by Jed John 0

As at the period Xiaomi launched the Mi Note 2 last year with a curved OLED display, there were speculations that the competition would shift to flexible display panels this year due to the rising number of interests in OLED technology especially the flexible panels. The launch of the Mi Mix alongside the Mi Note 2, perhaps contributed greatly to the shift of focus to large bezel-less displays. Seems attention is now heading back to OLED displays and as usual, Xiaomi is taking the front seat.

A report on South Korea media indicates that Xiaomi has signed an agreement with Samsung Display (SDI) for the supply of OLED panels for its 2018 flagship. The report claims Samsung Displays which is an arm of the conglomerate will supply rigid OLED panels to Xiaomi that are 6.01 inches in sizes. The first shipment which is about 1 million units will be done in December this year while the next batch said to be 2.2 million units will ship in the following month (January 2018).

The report also stated that Xiaomi’s well-publicised initial plan to use more sophisticated LG OLED panels was thwarted due to delays in LG’s production plans. It was LG who supplied the flexible OLEDs used on the Mi Note 2. The LG panels were supposed to be 5.49 inches in size but will be flexible OLED panels. Unfortunately, LG Display’s new plant that was supposed to mass produce the flexible OLED panels wasn’t ready on time and would commence production in August. It is not as if the flexible display would enable us to bend the smartphone like an elastic just yet. There will still be a rigid body and a front glass on top the display such that you might not even feel the effect of the flexible display. Well, except in a situation where the smartphone takes a serious fall that should ordinarily have shattered the display. Apart from its flexibility, LG is said to have effected some changes in the display panel resolution from FHD to QHD.

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 If Xiaomi is going to stick to its routine, the first flagship that we may be seeing in 2018 will likely be the Mi 7. The fact that it is a rigid OLED panel takes some juice out of the story, though. But then, OLED panels offer quite a lot in terms of display picture quality and with Xiaomi’s pedigree, the panel could be deployed to produce a stunning, true flagship. Sadly, we are at a loss as to whether the Mi Note 3 which would have OLED display would still be launched this year. The Redmi Pro 2’s own OLED panel may be sourced from domestic manufacturers in China

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