Xiaomi 90 Points Colourful Windcheater Back on Sale But For 199 Yuan (~$29)

by Jed John 0

Chinese company 90 Points used Xiaomi’s MIJIA crowdfunding platform to launch its innovative colourful sunscreen windbreaker or windcheater jacket back in April. The 90 Points Colourful Sunscreen Windcheater reportedly sold out in just 4.3 seconds perhaps due to the attractive design and ultra cheap price tag which came in at 179 Yuan ($26).90 points colourful sunscreen jacket

Since then, the Xiaomi 90 Points Colorful Windcheater has been out of circulation but it might interest you to know that the 90-points Sunscreen Windbreaker has now started selling, this time around not on Mi Home but on 90 Points Official flagship store. Also, the price is no longer 179 Yuan ($26) but 199 Yuan ($29) which is still a fairly decent price tag. It should be noted that only the models for males are available right now.90 Points Colorful Sunscreen windbreaker

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As a reminder, the Xiaomi 90 Points Colorful Windcheater comes with a wicking or material which is breathable and absorbs ultraviolet rays, thus protecting the skin of the wearer. It is manufactured using a water-soluble yarn fabric, unlike the previously launched 90-points jacket that was a water-resistant type. The coat comes with a reflective printing on the back and shoulders, making it a nice and safe outfit for use at night. The reflective printing reflects when light shines on it. Furthermore, the 90 Points jacket comes in different sizes and is available in three attractive colours. The model for males comes in blue and dark gray colours while the female jacket comes in green colour only. You can access the sales page from here.

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