The OnePlus 5 Isn’t The Only Phone That Reboots When Dialing Emergency Numbers

by Habeeb Onawole 1

Yesterday, there were reports from some OnePlus 5 users who experienced their phones rebooting after dialing 911. The case is actually pretty serious as getting through to the emergency center can save a life and vice versa.

One user who took to Reddit explained that he had tried calling 911 when he saw a building on fire only for his phone to have rebooted. He was able to get the incident on video a third time.

Comments on the thread showed that he wasn’t alone as some reported that they also experienced it when dialing other emergency numbers such as 999 or 112 (Europe’s emergency numbers). Some also said they didn’t have the issue.

OnePlus has issued an official statement on the matter. They said they have contacted the customer and also posted an email address for other affected users to reach them on. The email address is [email protected].

The topic which has garnered much attention on Reddit has also revealed that the issue isn’t limited to the OnePlus 5. There were also complaints from multiple ASUS Zenfone users. The problem is said to be caused by custom manufacturer dialers not talking well with Android’s native phone framework.

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While we advise against calling emergency numbers just to test if it is working, there practically isn’t a way to know if your phone is fine or not. Nevrtheless, you can call a non-emergency public safety line and try to explain the situation to them requesting for a time when you can call to test your phone.