Xiaomi Unveils ¥49 ($7) Guildford Case for Mi 6

by Habeeb Onawole 1

The Xiaomi Mi 6 features a glass back which is pretty attractive but also means that if your palms are sweaty or wet, you risk dropping your new phone. And we know the mini heart attack that comes with dropping a phone not to talk of the cost of repairs in case you are unlucky. To avoid that, Xiaomi has released a new protective case on its Mijia crowdfunding platform.

Guildford Case Mi 6

The new case is made by Guildford and is exclusively for the Mi 6 and it offers triple protection for the phone. The scratch-proof brushed back provides a strong grip when you hold the phone in your hand and is also resistant to fingerprint smudges. The way the case is designed, the cut-out for the camera isn’t flush with the phone. That way you can place your phone on its back and not have to worry about the lens getting scratched.

The Guildford Case is a mixture of TPU and PC and the inner side is lined with soft microfiber to prevent scratches. The corners of the case has an extra thickness to absorb shocks from falls.

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With a weight of just 26.5g, using the Guildford case still results in your phone coming in at under 200g.

The Guildford Case costs ¥49 ($7) and is available in blue and black.