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Xiaomi Sold Almost 300,000 Mi 5X Units Yesterday

by Habeeb Onawole 25

The Xiaomi Mi 5X went on sale yesterday and according to Lin Bin, the company’s co-founder, nearly 300,000 units were sold.

xiaomi mi 5x

In his speech he thanked the phone’s brand ambassador, Wu Yifan; and added that the rose-gold version recorded the highest number of units sold. The next sale is scheduled for August 5 at exactly 10:00 AM.

The Mi 5X is a mid-range smartphone and the third smartphone from Xiaomi with dual rear cameras. It uses the same camera sensors as the Mi 6 but until we get a hands-on review, we can’t tell if it offers the same level of performance.

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The rest of the specs include a 5.5-inch 1080p display, 4GB of RAM, and 64GB ROM. It has Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 625 under the hood and packs a 3080mAh battery. It also has a fingerprint scanner at the back. The Mi 5X is the first smartphone to run MIUI 9, the latest version of Xiaomi’s custom ROM.

The Mi 5X is priced at ¥1499 ($223) and comes in black, gold, and rose gold.




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  • Nicolas Marshall

    That’s what happens when you release a phone that looks good and supposedly performs well

  • Rick Flair

    Why would anyone buy this when the MI5 is better and cheaper?

    • Jh1

      This camera could potentially be better, but I definitely agree. The mi5 is a killer deal right now. Just ordered 2 for my sister and brother in law

      • Francis

        Hi Jh1, hope you are well. I was thinking of getting the Mi5x which is bit expensive through resellers. There is a buyer who currently sell the Black MI5 Prime (64GB storage) at 250€ on Ebay. The buyer already sold many units and the price was cheaper at the beginning but because of low stocks buyer added 25-30$ premium to the initial price. Redmi Note 5 is on its way but we don’t know when the phone will be released and available for sale. I need a phone but can’t decide which phone to get. Your advice is welcome. Peace

        • Jh1

          Hi Francis. The black Mi5 is difficult to come by at the moment, unfortunately. I ended up settling on a white 32gb mi5 for $199. I think the mi5x will command a bit of a reseller premium for the next month or two.

          The mi5c can be found in black for around $195 with 64gb of storage if that appeals to you. Sounds like the recent software updates have fixed some of the initial bugs. Camera and screen are pretty decent. The surge s1 SoC is close to the sd625 in performance (though not as efficient).

          I would expect the redmi note 5 to be released in the next 2 months. Very interested to see what they come up with. No interest in the redmi note 4x at the moment?

          • Francis

            Hi Jh1, I am living in Europe so I guess that the MI5C would be a great deal for me. IMO if the Mi5x hasn’t been released with at least the new SD630 prooves that we won’t see a Redmi Note 5 equipped with a SD660. I am not even sure that Xiaomi will use the SD630 for the Redmi Note 5 but I might be wrong.

            I was deeply interested by the RN4 Global edition but finally changed my mind because of the Mi5x. The latter being expensive at the moment, I started to consider the Black MI5 Prime which is currently sold on Ebay brand new at 250€. Like you said, it is very hard to find the MI5 in Black color nowadays.

            I asked the seller a coupon code in order to lower the price to 235€ hoping that he will respond to my request. If it is the case I might consider getting the MI5 in Black color with 64GB storage.

            For the Mi5x, I think its price won’t decline in the next 3 months.

            So you think the MI5 in Black color with 64GB storage at 250€ is not a great deal?

          • Jh1

            I don’t think that’s a bad price at all for the mi5. Just frustrating that you have to pay a premium for the black color. The white version with 64gb is available for $218 at the moment. The black version looks much nicer though.

            I am guessing the RN5 will have at least a variant equipped with the sd630….but I wouldn’t expect a sd660. I think the RN4x is the best phone for the money at the moment, but that mi5 you’re looking at would certainly be a good choice too.

          • Francis

            Many thanks for your sincere and honest opinion. I asked the seller if he can send me a coupon or reduce the price so I could order the MI5. I told him that I could buy 2 unit but in fact its not true. The Black version of the MI5 is a lot better and highly demanded because of the black bezels around the screen visible on the white version. I mean for those who want to save some money they could live with those bezels. I never had a premium phone until now that is the reason why I am considering the MI5. But if the seller says No for the price reduction I will hesitate to get the MI5. The price of the MI6 declined a bit and an international version with B20 4G LTE will be released this month. Wondering if it is worth to put 250€ in the MI5. I mean that if I really want to get a flagship phone, the MI6 is the winner.

            The RN4 Global is a great phone but its camera is weak which is normal considering its price. At the same time, I am not a power user and moreover the RN4 can handle the most demanding games. I am not a photographer too but I think that having a decent camera in your phone could be useful in some occasions. That’s mainly the reason why I am hesitating to get the RN4.

            The Mi5x is in fact an improved RN4 with a better build quality, better camera, better sound quality, better screen quality and usb type c. Considering that I am not a power user, I won’t see the difference between RN4 and the Mi5x in terms of battery life. At 200€, I would have gone for the Mi5x without any hesitation.

          • Jh1

            That all makes sense. Hopefully you’ll get that coupon.

          • Jh1

            Hi Francis. I was just watching a YouTube review of the mi5c by smartphone wars. He shows a very quick and easy way to enable EU and IS LTE bands. Might be worth looking into.

          • Francis

            Hi Jh1, thank you for your message. I have seen the video but I am concerned by the battery life. Moreover, it doesn’t have a Snapdragon CPU so the chances to install other stock ROMs is low. The seller on Ebay didn’t send me a coupon or neither reduced the price of the MI5 Prime so I am hesitating to get it. I am waiting for a few reviews of the Mi5x to make my decision. If its camera is excellent I will probably get it if I find a great opportunity. If the camera is not perfect, I might consider getting the RN4. Thank you for your help. Peace!

          • Jh1

            The mi5s 64gb can be found for around $240 if you’re lucky. There have been a lot of flash sales on it recently.

          • Francis

            Mi5c would not be a great deal for me because it lacks 3G and 4G frequencies…

          • Jh1

            Are you pretty set on a Xiaomi, or are you considering other brands? Don’t blame you if you are set on Xiaomi (I’m kind of a Xiaomi and Meizu guy myself).

          • Francis

            To be honest with you, I want a Xiaomi phone! Lucy buyers got the MI5 Prime at 230€.

          • Francis

            I meant Lucky…

          • willysson

            Yes, I never understood why the frequencies weren’t supported.

        • AbdulB1

          try le max 2. it is also around 200 USD.

      • AbdulB1

        how much is mi5 ?

        • Jh1

          It was available for $199 a few weeks ago. I think around $230 now

          • AbdulB1

            thats why I wasn’t able to see it is cheap on kimovil

    • dz11

      The Maze Alpha looks better value than this for a 6 inch bezel-less phone.

    • AbdulB1

      on kimovil this phone is cheaper than mi5 in comparison.

  • Young

    Expensive shit, why 3000mAh battery in the first place?

  • AbdulB1

    SD 625??? no thanks. I will stick to SD 820 on Le Max 2.