Xiaomi Adds Yet Another Turok Steinhardt Glasses To Its Growing List

by Habeeb Onawole 9

Xiaomi’s MIJIA platform is where the Chinese company announces its crowdfunded items, most of which are under the general lifestyle category. This year it has added eye glasses to its catalog, four so far, and it doesn’t seem it is stopping anytime soon. Turok Steinhardt, the company that made three out of the four glasses, has announced a new pair of anti-blue light glasses.

Turok Steinhardt Anti-Blue light glasses

The glasses protects the eyes from blue light emitted by phone’s LED TVs, computer monitors, and fluorescent lights. Not all blue light is actually bad but just the ones emitted by electronics and LED lights. The effect of blue-light includes dry and strained eyes, blurry vision, headaches and a damaged sleep cycle.

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The Turok Steinhardt anti-blue light glasses protects the eyes by using a yellow-tinted filter. It is said to have a 35% blue-light blocking rate. The glasses measures 54 –  17- 138 mm (frame size, nose width, and frame width) and is super-light at just 8g, just a little more than an A4 paper. It is already on sale for ¥99 (~$15).