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Not All Xiaomi Models Support Split Screen Multi-tasking On MIUI 9, Here’s the List

by Jed John 11

If you are one of those waiting patiently for the MIUI 9 update to hit your Xiaomi model as soon as possible, this might disappoint you, especially if you’re anticipating to have a feel of the Split screen feature MIUI 9 comes with. This is because Xiaomi has made a shocking disclosure that not all models would support the Split screen feature. This means that even if MIUI 9 update did hit your Xiaomi model, if it is not among the models that support Split screen, you won’t be able to use the feature.xiaomi

Xiaomi released the list of models which would have the split screen feature and surprising, out of about 36 models which would get MIUI 9 update, only 16 would have the Split screen function. This is because Split screen feature is only available for models running the Android 7.0 Nougat kernel while those using lower OS versions won’t support it.

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The list of supported models includes the Mi Mix, Mi Note 2, Mi 6, Mi Max, Mi Max 2, Mi 5, Mi 5s, and Mi 5s Plus. Others include the Mi 5c, the newly launched Mi 5x, Mi 4S, Mi 4c, Mi Note top-end version, Redmi Note 4X-Qualcomm version, Redmi 4X and Mi 3. There should be no argument that Split screen was featured on Android Nougat and so, it isn’t really a new innovation from Xiaomi.


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  • George Silversurfer

    How shocking… 3 year old models won’t support split screen..

  • Zero

    What a screwup…. And I feel that this won’t end and at the end only 2X models will get the Miui 9 leaving the Redmi Note 2 and 3 MTK out of this along the Mi 2.

  • teges

    Where is Mi4?!
    Mi3 gets split screen and Mi4 not!

    • smilingfaceV

      Wrong translation. That’s mi tablet 3, no mi3 in the list.

      • teges

        I’m anyway disappointed.

  • rudra964


  • Jacques Bezuidenhout

    I installed lineageos on my mi4. Best decision ever. I’ve had split screen for more than a month now. Should have loaded it the day I bought the phone. All the other bloatware and space problems are also gone now.

  • Super45Droid

    RIP 4A

  • Pranav

    where is redmi 3s?

  • Юрий К

    mi 3 , WTF???

  • King Mohan

    Is that an update for Redmi Note 3 miui 9, is there any features in this update, in December only i buyed this phone . If you can handle more models why did they keep selling that phone bleady mi.
    Note 4 released they forgot Note 4 if Note 5 release they will forget Note 4 also .
    Don’t buy this bullshit phone’s there are no innovations made by miui os,it is full of Android updates , another thing is through this miui we can use some better features in Android like assistant features.