Google Pixel 2 Launches October 5, Will Come With Snapdragon 836

by Habeeb Onawole 0

Now that the Galaxy Note 8 is out of the way (check out the launch article and camera sample photos), another highly anticipated Android device is the Google Pixel 2 (and Pixel 2 XL).

Google Pixel 2

We already have some details about both devices. The Pixel 2 will be made by HTC. It will have a 4.97-inch Full HD display and a squeezable frame just like the HTC U11. The larger Pixel 2 XL will be made by LG and will have a larger 5.99-inch QHD display. What we didn’t know was a release date, until today.

Earlier this morning, Evan Blass tweeted that the 2017 Pixel handsets will be launched on October 5. He also mentioned that they will be powered by the Snapdragon 836. Now this is some exciting news!

The first gen Pixel devices were released on October 4, 2016. Exactly a day after the one year anniversary, the second gen Pixels will be released. It is also interesting to see another source confirm that the Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL will be powered by the Snapdragon 836 chip.

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The SDM836 will be an improved variant of the Snapdragon 835 just like the Snapdragon 821 is to the Snapdragon 820. And just like last year, we should see revised versions of already released flagships sport the new chip.

Are you excited about the Snapdragon 836? Let us know if the confirmation of the chip will influence the purchase of your next smartphone.