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Xiaomi Teases New Series With Flagship Dual Cameras, Stock Android For Global Market

by Jed John 22

Xiaomi has for a while now been releasing teasers for the launch of a new smartphone scheduled to take place on September 5 in India. The device in question is believed to be the Xiaomi Mi A1 and the company’s latest teaser video may have shed some more light on the upcoming model. Earlier teasers have already revealed the smartphone will come with a flagship dual cameras and this led to speculations it would be the global roll out of the Mi 5X which was released in China last month packing the same camera setup as the flagship Mi 6.

The short video clip contained in the tweet clearly states that this is going to be an entirely new series from Xiaomi and since it is billed to be unveiled outside China, it seems the device is meant for the international market. The Xiaomi Mi A1 is rumoured to run on Android One, which is a budget-friendly line of devices that run on a stock version of Android. This is also given some credence by some clues contained in the video.  The images depicting gears, clocks, drums, and a bicycle use the exact same color combinations found in the Google logo but not exactly in the same order they appeared on Google’s logo. The is seen as an indication that the device will run on pure ANdroid without a touch of MIUI.xiaomi mi a1

This no doubt will be a glad one for those who like their phones running on stock Android instead of the modified version usually available on Chinese models. The device is also tipped to come with a bezel-less display and considering the Android One aspect, it will likely be super affordable. September 5 is just four days away, keep a date.
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  • Zero

    So… Finally is time to Xiaomi to go big around the world… Maybe this is the one who will go to Mexico.

  • Tata Mata

    Hyped!! This phone has the potential of bringing more money than their flagships if they play it right. We just want SD 660, good 5,5 inch screen and 4000 mah battery. It is that simple

    • C. Buck

      and plz worldwide LTE Support…

    • Muhammad Yasir

      5.7 inch screen or 6 inch !

      a discrete sd card slot would be epic !

      dual cam has to be genuine (16mp+16mp would be good)

      • Tata Mata

        I really like all the specs that you have mentioned , but let’s be real, they have to sell flagships as well 🙂

        • Muhammad Yasir


    • Dennis Angelo

      I hope I supports the HDR mode found on the google pixel( or maybe it depends on the processor)

  • Muhammad Yasir

    has to be affordable or have GREAT value for money !

  • Jh1

    I prefer MIUI over stock Android, but if this supports US LTE bands, I’ll be interested in what they come up with.

    • Francis

      Hi Jh1, hope you are well. I am waiting for the Meizu M6 Note but might be tempted to get this Xiaomi device if it support full 4G LTE frequencies used in my country. I guess that Xiaomi will release a Mi5X which run a stock ROM (Android O). If that’s the case, the camera performance will be for sure better. I don’t know when the Meizu M6 Note will be available through resellers and I need a phone as quick as possible. Yesterday I almost ordered the Mi5X on Ibuygou website but hesitated because of the biaised reviews. Peace!

      • Jh1

        Hi Francis. There appear to be a few resellers that have the m6 note available at the moment (giztop, lightinthebox, banggood). This new device from Xiaomi definitely sounds interesting, but I’m sure it will take a bit before resellers have it available, unfortunately. I’m not fully convinced that this will resemble the mi5x either, but that remains to be seen. Take care.

      • Jh1

        Just saw the mi5x (32gb) for $208 from gearbest (code X5SJ)

        • Francis

          Hi, thanks for the information. I am hesitating to get the Mi5X because of its camera. There are so many contradictory reviews on Youtube about the camera performance. I prefer to wait for the announcement of the new device which will be released in India. But you are right, it will a couple of weeks to buy the new device on resellers websites. I have seen that the Meizu M6 Note is actually in preorder on a few websites. Maybe it will take a couple of days to see more seller to advertise the Meizu M6. It is difficult being patient, if the MI6 had the Band 20 800MHZ I would have ordered it instantly instead of wasting my time. Let’s see how things evolve. Peace!

          • Meizu M6 Note is already selling on LightInTheBox and they didn’t indicate that it’s a presale.May be you can check that out


    Don’t get your hopes high guys. Recent articles show it will be just a bezel less variant of Mi 5x and nothing more. Yes, and the damn SD 625 is still on board. I am switching to Huawei Honor 7X. Do let me know if you have better suggestions

    • Wolvie

      Yupe it will be another disappointing model with lousy hardware specs and with higher price as usual.

      SD670 is coming and Xiaomi still using SD625 for their so called Mid level models.

      • Dennis Angelo

        so you want Xiaomi to produce a phone with a chipset that not yet released. SD625 was fantastic in the redmi note 4

        • TATA MATA

          No he tried to make a point that much better processors are coming and we cant even get SD 660. SD 625 is great!! (for a phone released a year ago)

          • Dennis Angelo

            I’m using the redmi note 4 with 4gb ram and 64gb storage and the SD625 and the performance is sufficient though I understand your point if you want better performance. However I think the mid-range lineup from SD is not bad since the flagship 835 throttles during intensive task such as games(from reviews that give detailed performance measures)

          • Wolvie

            Yes don’t get me wrong, SD625 is good for battery life but not great for those people who need higher performance soc without need to spend a lot of money.

            SD650 inside my Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 pro was great but somehow no longer selling at aliexpress at reasonable prices.

            So i waited to get SD660 for a replacement. But really sucks the way xiaomi put all their new model with the same SD625 *Sigh*.

            It is just doesn’t make sense for me to buy newer mobile phones if they still put old soc inside. What’s the point releasing new model, might as well keep selling the same model.

            SD835 is freakin’ expensive, i cannot afford. So it is a no brainer for me to buy the SD660 as the high performance is there with much lower pricing than SD835.

            Maybe this is why Xiaomi decided to use SD625, they afraid all buyers will buy their SD660 instead. They are wrong, if i really need very high performance and i got money, i still choose SD835 compare to SD660.

  • goodwill

    I’m definitely looking forward to this one.

  • metalboyz

    So, you’re saying that now xiaomi is selling phones and not miui, right?