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Qualcomm Confirms Snapdragon 835 Inside The Mi Mix 2

by Jed John 9

Xiaomi has already officially revealed that its flagship Mi Mix 2 will be launched on September 11 which is barely a week away. Between now and the launch event, we expect to see a lot of juicy details concerning the flagship model and already so have started streaming in. The sleek box casing for the Mix 2 was spotted not too long ago and now, Qualcomm China has officially confirmed that the Mi Mix 2 will feature a Snapdragon 835 processor.

xiaomi mi mix 2

It is already a regular in leaks and rumors that the Mi Mix 2 will utilize a Snapdragon 835 processor but this goes to confirm that indeed Qualcomm’s latest chip would be found on board the Mix 2. Apart from confirming the chipset, the Weibo post also teases the Mix 2 as coming with full-screen 2.0. Until Xiaomi unveils the device we can’t fully comprehend what that means but we sure do expect the Mix 2 to take the bezel-less full display technology used on the Mi Mix to a different level.Xiaomi Mi Mix 2

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The Mi Mix 2 is tipped as coming with an 18:9 screen-to-body ratio, a front fingerprint sensor, piezoelectric ceramic audio technology, dual cameras and more. The device will also likely have a 6GB RAM + 64GB storage on its base model with a retail price of 3999 (around $612) while the higher variant may likely cost 4,999 Yuan (~$765). Recall also that the iPhone 8 will be launched on September 12 and no doubt, will hit China before the end of the year. Do you think the Mi Mix 2 will be a worthy alternative to the iPhone 8 considering it will come in cheaper?


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  • NextHype

    Nothing can beat the iPhone 8 for an Apple fanboy
    Nothing can beat the Mix 2 for a Xiaomi fanboy
    These two devices are probably too expensive for any other person

    • balcobomber25

      “These two devices are probably too expensive for any other person”

      If the above prices are correct it will be cheaper than the Galaxy Note 8, LG V30, Pixel XL 2 and Essential PH-1, all current flagship phablets.

      • NextHype

        iPhone 9 => $999
        Note 8 => $940
        Mi Mix 2 => $615 + reseller markup => $750 – $800 (remember Mix 1 price at launch)
        LG V30 => $750
        PIXEL 2 => $650 – $750
        Essential PH-1 => $750

        So it may not be cheaper than LG V30 / PXL 2 / Ess. PH-1 once resellers add their markup.

        BTW the only comparative advantage Mi Mix 1 had one year ago was its borderless design. Now every company has its own borderless phone. It may be harder for Xiaomi to achieve the same success with Mix 2 keeping the same pricetag but loosing the “concept phone” tag.

        LG V30 has enormous multimedia potential (photo / video / sound)
        PIXEL 2 has the Google stamp (early software upgrade and symbolic value)
        Essential is new, dunno about this one except Robin’s behind it but idk if this will be enough to sell the device.

        • balcobomber25

          All of those “advantages” you listed depends on which phone brand you like most. For Xiaomi fans the Mix offers two things that none of those do: MIUI and at least 3 years of updates.

          • NextHype

            I tried to identify comparative advantages of the 4 flagships having the same pricetag, from a rational point of view.

            Multimedia supremacy of LG V30 vs Mix 2 isn’t a fanboy thing, it is due to hardware choice from LG (f/1.6 , quad DAC, etc…) plus software skill (audio / video processing)
            Early software upgrade of PXL 2 vs Mix 2 isn’t a fanboy thing, it is due to its status of “beta testing machine” for Google (and that can be an advantage and a disadvantage at the same time)

            Now MIUI is more of a personnal choice, I wouldn’t necessarily say a fanboy thing because there can be objective reasons to prefere MIUI over a basic android experience… but you can’t say “hey potential new customer, buy a $750 Mix 2 because MIUI is great”, that’s ridiculous. But you can say :

            “hey new customer, buy a $750 LG V30 because it has incredible sound / photo / video” => OK
            “hey new customer, buy a $750 PXL 2 because we’re Google and you’ll have a clean software experience and updates before anyone else” => OK

            So I’m just pointing out the fact that Mix 1 was a revolution and a commercial success every brand tried to copy in China. Now that every brand has borderless design, why should someone buy Mix 2 ? Try to answer without using the word “MIUI” :p

          • balcobomber25

            So for the Pixel 2 software can be mentioned as a reason why people would buy it but for the Mi Mix 2 your response is “try to answer without using the word MIUI”.

            Which one is it? Can we mention software as a positive reason or not? Millions of people who choose Xiaomi phones choose them specifically for MIUI. They can buy phones with similar prices/specs from a dozen other companies but they choose the Xiaomi one. Just like fans of stock Android, they will choose the Google phone for those updates.

            We don’t know a thing about the Mi Mix 2 camera so we can’t automatically say the V30 has the edge due to it’s f/1.6. Until they are tested head to head that one is a draw.

          • NextHype

            You’re right about software, my logic was flawed ^^
            About camera now we know => V30 has the edge 😉
            Yeah, I know what you’ll say : “on paper only, wait for the reviews” but seriously… single f/2.0 IMX386 won’t compete with V30 setting

            BTW I think I wasn’t really far of Xiaomi’s analysis as they chose to nerf their Mix 2 and compromise on hardware to sell Mix 2 at a lower price than Mix 1.

          • balcobomber25

            V30 does have the edge in camera but Mi Mix has the edge in price by a wide margin.

          • NextHype

            For sure ! But now these two aren’t playing in the same league.
            With its bezels back, Mix 2 seems like a traditional chinese flagship.
            IMHO it completely lost the aura of Mix 1.