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Flipkart Source Code Reveals Xiaomi Mi A1 Launches Tomorrow

by Habeeb Onawole 18

For over a week now, Xiaomi has been teasing a new flagship device scheduled to launch on September 5. The only hint provided is that it will have dual rear cameras. Our guess is that the device is the Mi A1, an Android One phone made in partnership with Google.

Xiaomi Mi A1 Launch

Xiaomi India hinted a few days ago that the device scheduled to launch tomorrow will be sold exclusively on Flipkart. The online store already has the teaser for the launch on its front page. Someone decided to check the source code for the page and found “Mi A1” appearing twice, thereby confirming the name. And as a previous leak has disclosed, the Mi A1 is actually the dual camera Mi 5X.

Mi A1 Teaser Source Code

Although Xiaomi’s focus has been on the dual rear cameras on the phone, people are more excited at the news that it will run pure Android, similar to what you will find on Pixel and Nexus devices.

A Geekbench listing revealed that the Mi A1 runs Android 7.1.2 but since it is an Android One device, an update to Android 8.0 Oreo shouldn’t be too far off.

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Other specs revealed by Geekbench includes a Snapdragon 625 processor and 4GB of RAM. So we should expect the rest of the specs to be the same as that of the Mi 5X. That means a 5.5-inch full HD display, 64GB of storage, dual 12MP rear cameras and a 5MP front facing camera. It should also have a rear-mounted fingerprint scanner, dual SIM, and a 3080mAh battery.

Flipkart says the Mi A1 launch will commence at 11:30 AM local India Time but the official Xiaomi India Twitter account  says 12:00 midday. Below are camera samples posted by Xiaomi ahead of the launch tomorrow.

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  • Muhammad Yasir



    • Jh1

      It’s the perfect SoC for an Android one device if the price is kept low.

      • Muhammad Yasir

        sd 630 would suffice

        • Jh1

          The SD 630 would be great, I agree, but Android One has always been about providing a “pure” Android experience with regular updates on budget friendly devices. The premium hardware is reserved for the Nexus/pixel offerings. If I’m not mistaken, this would actually be the most powerful Android one offering to date. With that being said, if this does end up being basically an mi 5x with Android instead of MIUI, it still doesn’t warrant the price premium over the redmi note 4x, in my opinion…unless it offers global LTE

          • Muhammad Yasir

            i don’t think SD 630 is anywhere near the PREMIUM soc domain

            lower mid range at most !

            and now, since we know about Mi A1 release, we can safely say … A TERRIBLY specced phone

            xiaomi are doing a SHAMELESS cover up of their miscalculated bulk purchase of the sd 625

            morons !

          • Jh1

            Lol 😉 I wouldn’t say terribly specced, though I do think it’s a bit overpriced at the moment. If it had a 4000mah battery, I’d be considering it, but as it is, I think the RN4x and m6 note are better choices. I’m curious to see the Redmi note 5 and the Honor 7x. They could be quite interesting.

          • Francis

            Hi, it seems that the Mi A1 has the band 20 because it will be launched in some European countries. I am wondering if a global edition of the Mi 5X will be released soon because I am not a huge fan of stock rom. I mean that if I buy a Xiaomi phone it is also for MIUI system.

            Apparently the stocks are low for the Meizu M6 Note this is the reason why most of the resellers haven’t listed the device. According to Meizu website M6 Note also has band 20. Fingers crossed!

            s7yler did a very good review of the Mi 5X and if a global edition is not confirmed by Xiaomi I might be tempted to get one if I have to wait weeks before being able to get my hands on the M6 Note.

          • Jh1

            As of this morning the specs on the Mi website don’t list band 20 (though only 5 LTE bands were listed totally, which seems unlikely for a “global” phone). S7yler does very nice reviews, though he seems to be more overwhelmingly positive of late. I don’t really like stock Android either, but I haven’t heard of any concrete plans of releasing a global mi5x with MIUI. I have a feeling that the mia1 will be the “global mi5x” unfortunately.

          • Francis

            You are right, the MI A1 will be the global version of the MI 5X. MI A1 supports the following 4G LTE frequencies => B5: 850/B8: 900/B4: 1700/B3: 1800/B1: 2100/B7: 2600/B20: 800. I am wondering if it will be possible to install MIUI on the A1.

          • Jh1

            I’m sure it would be possible, but would require root and the bootloader to be unlocked I’m assuming. I’ve flashed multiple versions of MIUI on Xiaomi phones with a locked bootloader, so perhaps it wouldn’t have to be unlocked.

          • Francis

            Well it would be a shame if it is not possible to install MIUI over the A1. Right now my preference goes for the M6 Note by Meizu. I really hope that they will not adopt Xiaomi’s strategy by providing random camera sensors. It is difficult to wait for the availability of the M6 Note. I am using a basic phone and I can’t use my monthly 50GB of data which is frustrating me.

          • Jh1

            I hope you are able to find one soon. The m6 note would definitely be my top choice at the moment. Until the RN5 or Huawei honor 7x are released, there is nothing better for the price.

          • Francis

            Hi Jh1, hope you are well. I am waiting for a few camera reviews of the Mi Note 3. If the camera is similar to the one available on the MI6 then I will order the Mi Note 3 base version with 64GB.

            The supply of the M6 Note is very low at the moment and the demand is still high especially in China (Meizu’s market). The M6 Note has been released a month ago and can’t afford to wait for another month to get my hands on it. Moreover, it is still on preorder on most of resellers websites.

            The Mi Note 3 is not cheaper and do not have the SD835 but after seeing some Chinese comparison videos with other devices (like the LG G6), the SD660 is doing very well. Indeed, the Mi Note 3 is launching applications faster than the G6. I was hesitating between the MI6 and Mi Note 3 but I guess that Mi Note 3 will have a better battery life. SD660 is not the fastest CPU but it is powerful enough to handle everything you throw at it. Ibuygou has the Note 3 at 339€ by using a discount coupon. The phone is sold at 2499 Yuan in China which around 319€. What would you chose between the Mi6 and Note 3? And why?

            There is also the Mi Note 2 which has an international version with the 4G LTE B20 sold around 370€ but the phone is wider (almost 78mm). Mi Note 3 is compact and has a width of 74mm for a 5.5″ phone.


          • Jh1

            Hi Francis. Of those twooptions I’d probably go with the Mi Note 3, simply because I prefer the larger screen size over the mi6. Honestly, I think the vast majority of users would have a very hard time telling the difference between the SD 835 and SD 660 in most situations. That sounds like a pretty good price on the Note 3, but still more than I’m personally willing to spend. All of.the options you have mentioned (M6 note, Mi note 3, mi6, Mi note 2, Mi 5x, etc) are very good phones. I think you would be satisfied with any of them. I hope you find one soon. Good luck!

          • Francis

            Hi Jh1, many thanks for your reply. You are right, the Mi Note 3 is not the cheapest. I really wanted to buy the M6 Note but I can’t wait for months to get my hands on it. The Mi5X is a good budget phone sold around 210€ but its camera is not great according to the reviews I have seen. Xiaomi has released the MIUI rom to flash the Mi A1. I haven’t found someone who flashed Android One with MIUI to check how the phone performs. Mi A1 is cheaper than the Mi5X so it might be a better idea to get Mi A1 because it has B20. The Mi Note 3 do not have B20 but I will live without it. It is not that easy to make the right decision and I have never spent 300€+ for a phone until now. Peace.

          • Muhammad Yasir

            the price would have been right if there was a better SoC onboard (no pun intended)

            and the cheaper choices you mention PLUS the oncoming RN5 and Honor 7x, all of them will render this phone totally obsolete in no time

            the dual camera, if it’s any good … can’t do it all on it’s own. and Android One? well let’s just say more and more companies will be complying to that … so there’s the equalizer

            let’s see how the upcoming phones fare vs this overhyped device

          • Jh1

            I fully agree with everything you stated there. I have nothing against the SD625, but there are already better phone options at this price point, and the RN5 and honor 7x should definitely be better choices as well.

          • Muhammad Yasir

            lol, do please have something against the sd625, its getting annoyingly recurring

            RN5 should be a treat