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LeEco’s Official U.S. Website Suddenly Shut Down

by Jed John 10

LeEco is in the news once again and unfortunately, it is still not about the rebound of the company’s fortunes. Just recently, LeEco’s U.S office complex was photographed by a reported showing lots of empty office spaces with just a few workers left of what started out as a buzzing outfit hoping to make its mark in the lucrative U.S market. Now the U.S division of LeEco has suddenly taken down its official website. The web address now redirects to the Chinese version and even when the is entered, it displays a page showing the website is temporarily unavailable.leeco

LeEco’s U.S website went online last year when the company launched its first products in the U.S. Specifically, it has been 11 months since that launch which took place in October last year. Since then, the company has been offering up its products like smartphones, TV and a few other services but has been struggling with the sales with the company shedding off some of its liabilities and chose to focus on a much smaller Chinese market with its products and internet services.

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The company disclosed that the shutdown was made in order to carry out maintenance on the website and that it would be back online on September 15 which is this coming Friday. However, the shutdown is a reflection of the level of relevance of the website to LeEco. It is unusual for a tech company to shut down its website for a week-long maintenance, especially a sales website. But then, LeEco is all embroiled in financial difficulties and this may likely noyt be unconnected to that. We still do hope the company stages a comeback sometime soon.

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  • Chickens

    And I just bought a LeEco Le S3 X622 a few hours ago.


      Was it 4/64 and Helio x20 ? I am also considering buying X829 LeMax 2 but hesitating because of small 3000 battery and the missing bands for Europe. I am sure we, all Le Eco users, we will all be stucked on Android 6 but it is bearable.

      • Albino

        Where? i can’t find them anywhere else.

        • AliExpress, stocks available for every model save for the Le Max Pro X910.

      • Zero

        With Lineage OS you can use Nougat without problems.

  • Albino

    That’s sad, LeEco had some awesome smartphones.

  • Rajendra Sharma

    This company is very fake company I was parchange Mobil on line Mobil not working 15 days , and not serves canter , I was west 10’000 rupees , I give advise for all of u naver parchange this company products ,

  • Thanh deman

    Headphone jack pls

  • Sansa

    Leeco mi mash

  • Yegor

    Where can I buy LEECO Z910 PRO?