Meizu M6 Note Dual Cameras Impresses With Amazing Bokeh & Saturation (Samples)

by Joel 19

Meizu’s latest mid-ranger turned out to be one hell of a surprise, checking almost all of the features that we would have expected in a smartphone that cost less than $200. It manages to outclass most of the competitors in this price range, especially with its camera specifications. While the phone looks great on paper, it’s important to test out the device in real life as well, so here are a few camera samples that we got from the Meizu M6 Note.

Meizu M6 Note

Before I go on to show the camera samples, here’s what I feel about its overall quality.

  1. The Meizu M6 Note manages to capture bright and saturated photos, which helps the images to pop out nicely.
  2. The dynamic range is good, which is evident in a couple of samples below.
  3. The portrait / bokeh / background blur mode is actually pretty good. The object tracking algorithms seem to be quite accurate, resulting in impressive bokeh images.
  4. Low light photos are bright, but could be a bit noisy at times. Still the Arcsoft algorithms seem to do the job well, keeping the photos bright and clear.

Overall, for a smartphone that costs around $165, the camera definitely impresses in our initial test. We’ll get a full Meizu M6 Note review article out very soon.

Meanwhile, check out the samples down below and let us know what do you think about the M6 Note’s camera quality.

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