Xiaomi Launches Roborock Sweep One with Improved Features over Mi Robot Vacuum Cleaner

by Jed John 1

Xiaomi has officially unveiled a new smart robot cleaner which surprisingly isn’t the Mi Robot Vacuum 2 like we had thought it was. This is actually a product under the crowdfunding platform meaning it isn’t directly manufactured by Xiaomi but just like its first model, Roborock manufactured this one. It adopts the moniker Roborock Sweep One, an indication that the company is warming up to go solo and comes in with a steep price tag of 2499 Yuan ($380). This is way higher the price of the Mi Robot Vacuum cleaner which was priced at 1699 yuan ($258) when it was launched last year. Roborock Sweep One

Roborock Sweep One is similar in many respects to its predecessor. The robot is still round and equipped with a laser rangefinder, which is moved closer to the center. The device also comes with a number of sensors which aids the robotic vacuum cleaner to circumvent obstacles, avoid steps, choose the most efficient route and quickly find a charging station. It also features a more powerful engine which can create a pressure of up to 2000 Pa as against 1800 Pa for the first model. There is also a large main brush located on one side. Roborock Sweep One

One new innovative feature on the Roborock Sweep One is the ability to carry out wet cleaning. It has space for a water tank which sprinkles water on the floor, perhaps in order to better remove dirt. The tank contains water at full capacity that can last for up to 45 minutes to 60 minutes of operation.

In addition, the Sweep One packs a 5200mAh battery which is designed to provide 2.5 hours of battery life, equivalent to cleaning a 250m2 room.  The device also has the ability to start cleaning when it is scheduled to do so and users can specify the area of the house that needs to be cleaned. These two functions can be initiated on the Mi app. It can also increase its power when a rug is detected. The LDS sensor also is improved for the robot to better scan the room and plan a sweeping path. Roborock Sweep One

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Despite the 2499 Yuan price tag, the Roborock Sweep One only spent about 3 hours on crowdfunding before it closed with over 10 million yuan raised. No word yet on when it will go on sale.