Whatsapp Now Has Its Own Emojis, Available On The Beta Version For Now

by Habeeb Onawole 0

The latest version of Whatsapp Beta sees the popular messaging app bring its own emoji set. Prior to that, the emojis available on the platform were those available on iOS and worked on other operating systems. This made it possible for emojis to be interpreted the same way irrespective of the device the sender or the receiver was using.

The new emoji set is still similar to that of iOS but you sure would know it has seen some changes. The eyes and mouths of the smileys are one of the differences. The animal emojis are different or and are facing a different direction. Others are just a different color. Another addition is the support for Emoji 5.0, the latest version approved by Unicode. Below are sample images – the old emoji set on the left and the new ones on the right.

The update is available in the Android beta version 2.17.364 but until a stable version is available will we be able to confirm if there are no further changes to the emoji set.

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Whatsapp has been adding a number of new features in the last couple of months. There is picture-in-picture video calling now but only available to devices running Android 8.0. In addition to the 24hr picture status, there is also a text only status with the same 24hr life.

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