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OnePlus 5 Out of Stock in Most Countries, New Phone Coming Soon?

by Habeeb Onawole 6

OnePlus launched a JCC+ special edition of the OnePlus 5 recently. Although the specs are entirely the same as the 8GB RAM version of the device and availability is limited to certain countries. However, the regular version is now out of stock in a number of countries including US and Canada.

OnePlus 5

A lot of other countries also have the slate gray variant out of stock. India is the only country that has all models and color variants in stock. That is not surprising since the OP5 sold there is manufactured by the OPPO factory in Utah Pradesh.

So what’s happening with the unavailable stock in these key markets? While there is no evidence of a new OnePlus phone, some say it may launch a new phone soon. This contradicts recent reports of the OnePlus 5T being cancelled in favor of an early release of the OnePlus 6. It could also just be supply/production issues and they will be back in stock soon.

If OnePlus is indeed going to release a new phone, the key change will be the design, influenced greatly by the display which is expected to have an 18:9 aspect ratio as some other flagships. The rest of the specs may not change, at least we are sure of the processor being a Snapdragon 835 and RAM will either be 6GB or 8GB.

Last year, OnePlus released the OnePlus 3 in June and followed it up with the OnePlus 3T in November. Although the key change was the Snapdragon 820 processor which was replaced with the newer Snapdragon 821.

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OnePlus’ sister companies, Vivo and OPPO have released or have a full-screen smartphone in the works. There is the Vivo V7 Plus, Vivo X20 and X20 Plus which have been announced and OPPO’s F5 is expected to launch soon. So, OnePlus can decide to follow in their footsteps and launch a successor with an 18:9 display this year.

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  • Hope their new phone fix all the cons which was seen in Oneplus 5, water resistant, IOS etc..

    • Martin Jastram

      …ios, lol :-))
      fer sure it won´t get THAT! and that´s a good thing too!

  • androwin

    Competitors have many advantages over these guys, like LG, Samsung, Huawei and Sony… for example they all have headphone jack (ok, check. OP support it) AND microSD card slot (needed for both storage expansion and for faster file transferring between devices). They don’t have a chance unless they implement same features + more (wireless charging/water resistance/dual-speakers/IR blaster etc..) it’s the only way for them to win more customers.

    • Martin Jastram

      you sure know all about it, right?
      lots of people don´t care about these things, but like the OP5 just the way it is.
      or at least wouldn´t pay considerably more for a phone that has all these thing.

      i can predict though, that the next OP device will have wireless charging and very problably some IP rating. it will have a big 18:9 screen (or as the pros say 1:2….)
      no dual speakers, no IR blaster and no sd card slot.
      oh, and they will also ditch the headphone jack.

      and the funny thing is: the will still sell shitloads of phones.

  • UsernameCensored

    Talking to O2 shop staff this weekend, they were dropping heavy hints that a new OnePlus device was coming soon.

  • Tommi

    Skipped OP3 (bought OP3T), skipped OP5 and now waiting for OP6 🙂

    Of course first want see reviews about jelly effect, I tested it on shop and it caused me nauseous like feeling and almost throw up, so had to give up on OP5.

    I hope screen is placed right way, water resistant and finally dual speakers audio!