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The Archos Diamond Omega is A Re-branded Nubia Z17S for Europe

by Habeeb Onawole 4

French smartphone company, Archos, is not new to rebranding phones and offering it in markets where it has a presence. For example, the Archos Diamond Alpha is a rebranded Nubia M2. If you like Nubia’s latest smartphone, the Z17S, but live in Europe, you should check out the Archos Diamond Omega.

Archos Diamond Omega featured

Save for the Archos name that replaces the Nubia branding on the back of the phone, both devices are the same. Archos doesn’t do anything to even change the user experience.

On the official site, the Diamond Omega is said to run Android 7.1 based on NUBIA UI 5.0. It is also said to feature Nubia’s NeoPower 3.0 battery saving technology.

The Archos Diamond Omega has a 5.73-inch FHD display with a 2.5D Gorilla Glass on top. There is a Snapdragon 835 processor on board paired with 8GB of RAM. You also get 128GB of storage. These are the specs of the high end version of the Nubia Z17S.

Archos Diamond Omega

There are dual cameras on both sides. You have a 12MP f/1.8 sensor paired with a 23MP f/2.0 sensor with 2X lossless zoom on the rear. The front cameras are two 5MP sensors with support for background blur effect.

The phone has dual SIM support (nano only), Bluetooth 4.1, dual band Wi-Fi, and a FM Radio. Supported LTE bands are 800/900/1800/2100/2600. Battery capacity is 3,100mAh and it comes with a 9V/2A fast charger.

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The official site lists the Archos Diamond Omega as unavailable but is said to retail for 400 Euros (~$472). That is significantly cheaper than the ¥3,999 (~$607) price of the Nubia version.

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  • mopsert

    And the Archos website says it comes with QC3.0. What a letdown! Why not 4.0 like the Nubia Z17 wothout the S?

    • AbdulB1

      they need to pay qualcomm for that

  • Pele

    The Nubia phone development team has excellent designers and engineers. But this team has a huge problem. The producer thinks the buyers are idiots. Therefore, the manufacturer cannot hire two developers to update the firmware. As a result, my phone z11, which was recently the flagship, still works on Android 6.0. Although Google has already released Android 8.0. Don’t expect to get this firmware on z17. I’ll remind you that the new firmwares is an opportunity to close the vulnerability. But the producer seems to think that their customers are willing to tolerate vulnerabilities and hacker attacks. For example, with the recent vulnerability in the WPA2 Protocol, which especially affected devices on Anroid 6.0. Is it possible with this approach to recommend the use of the Nubia phones for business? I doubt very much. It’s a shame.

  • Archos Diamond Alpha is a rebranded Nubia Z17 mini.