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New Details Reveal Helio P40 Will Be MediaTek’s Savior Next Year

by Habeeb Onawole 10

Mediatek is working on a new chip for mid-range phones. The octa-core chip called the Helio P40 will be built using TSMC’s 12nm process.

Helio P40

New report from Taiwan says the Helio P40 will be the  semiconductor manufacturer’s savior chip come next year. This is because of its pricing which is between $11 – $12. It will take on Qualcomm’s own equivalent chip currently called the Snapdragon 660 Lite which will cost about $15.

Due to the lesser price of the Helio P40, MediaTek will be able to grab a higher market share and increase its shipment from 15% this year to 25% next year. MediaTek says OPPO, Meizu, and Xiaomi have signed up for the Helio P40

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The source also mentioned a new upper mid-range chip from Qualcomm called the Snapdragon 670. The 10nm chipset will be the choice of several Chinese manufacturers for their mid-range flagships.





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  • Blue Gum

    Octocore a53 with a dual core gpu and single channel ram?

    • z4ck

      Wasn’t it rumoured to be a73+a53 ?

  • Nilzie

    wish more manufacturers used x30 right now..

    • Albino

      I wish someone released a x30 smartphone with a decent price.

  • Wolvie

    R U 100% sure this soc can fight face to face with SD660 in term of performance ?
    Don’t say about cheaper soc price if the performance also cheaper compare to SD660 (READ : SLOWER)

    • balcobomber25

      Manufacturers (and most consumers) care more about the price than the performance.

      • Wolvie

        Hmmm i can accept your point of view.

        But if mediatek selling their soc so cheaply then why the market still sided with the stupid patent troll qualcomm ,it doesn’t make sense.

        • z4ck

          It’s because of the rebates. Qualcomm gives more rebates for company using many qualcomm-chips, and less for company using few qualcomm-chips.
          In other words, the more you use a MTK-chip, the more you will be discriminated by qualcomm.

        • balcobomber25

          Meidatek has actually done very well with their P line of chips, nearly every manufacturer has at least one model with a Helio P. Even Samsung.

          For flagships, Qualcomm reigns supreme for a number of reasons including contracts, availability, price (for certain customers) and of course perception. The last one is important, many customers still don’t trust MTK processors and even in the tech community which is usually more informed, there is a lot of misconceptions that exist about MTK.

    • z4ck

      You forgot one important factor, Power-Efficiency.
      This is what most people care about.
      Given it’s build on 12nm, sure it will be more power-efficient than s660.