Samsung Galaxy S9 May Likely Not Feature A Under-Display Fingerprint Sensor

by Jed John 0

Several rumours have been making the rounds that Samsung may be working on an optical fingerprint recognition technology which would enable the company to integrate a fingerprint sensor into the display of its phones. Samsung was earlier tipped to utilise the technology on the Galaxy S8 but that never came to fruition. Now, with the sighting of a patent application which Samsung had filed back in April 2016 for a fingerprint technology integrated into the display, speculations of its inclusion on the Galaxy S9 became rife.

Samsung Galaxy S9 Render
Samsung Galaxy S9 Render

However, a new rumour out of China has emerged, stating that the next-generation Galaxy S9 would not feature the optical fingerprint technology where the sensor would be on the display. The report was short of stating why the tech giant would choose to stay put on that for the Galaxy S9. So, we may likely see a repeat of the rear-mounted fingerprint design as used on the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy Note 8 or one embedded on the home button. It must be noted that Samsung’s decision to relocate the fingerprint sensor to the back was not met with accolades rather,  a whole lot of fans were left disappointed.

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Samsung isn’t the only company rumoured to be working on the optical fingerprint technology. U.S. chipmaker Qualcomm showcased its under-display fingerprint technology a few months back at the Shanghai Asian Mobile World Congress held in June. The technology was demonstrated onboard a prototype Vivo smartphone that looked like the XPlay 6. Subsequently, the Vivo XPlay 7 is tipped to come with the technology. For sure, this won’t be the last we’d be hearing about t the Galaxy S9’s fingerprint sensor.


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