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Xiaomi Redmi 5 Plus Real Photos Leaked, Re-affirms Full-Screen Design

by Jed John 20

November 11 is a popular day for e-commerce in China and it is known as Double 11 (11.11) and ahead of the deal day, several mobile phone manufacturers are quietly preparing for one last push to grab some of the market shares. Xiaomi is frantically preparing for the day, with the realization that a good outing during 11.11 would see it hit the 100 million mark in terms of shipment this year.  The tech company dubbed “Apple of China” is preparing to release up to three models including the Redmi Note 5 and Redmi 5 Plus. Both models have made the rounds in leaks and rumours lately and we still keep getting more. Right now, a couple of real-life photos said to be those of the Xiaomi Redmi 5 Plus have appeared online.Xiaomi Redmi 5 Plus

The Redmi 5 Plus may likely be the first model Xiaomi will release ahead of the double 11 sales promotion. The device promises to be a hot selling one considering the unique design. For the first time, Xiaomi is bringing the full-screen design to the budget segment. The Redmi 5 Plus features an 18: 9 aspect ratio with ultra-thin bezels at all four sides. There is no capacitive home button onboard due to the high screen-to-body ratio.redmi 5 plus

The rear design looks very much similar to Xiaomi’s first dual camera smartphone – the Redmi Pro released last year. It packs a dual camera setup aligned vertically. Just under the cameras lie the LED flash and thereafter you get the fingerprint sensor. The Redmi 5 Plus will likely be bigger in size. It is tipped as packing a 5.99-inch display with 2160 x 1080p (FHD+) resolution which effectively means it will have an 18:9 aspect ratio.Redmi 5 Plus

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The Xiaomi Redmi 5 Plus is also expected to pack a Snapdragon 625 chip but there are talks of a Snapdragon 450 onboard. The device will come in two versions with 3GB RAM and 4GB RM respectively. The dual cameras are said to be a 12MP+ 5MP combination. The Redmi 5 Plus lower version may be the one with a D 450 chip and it may come with a 720p resolution but 18:9 aspect ratio (HD+). The lower version may likely come as cheap as 799 Yuan. These are just speculation, though, the actual details would be outed when Xiaomi takes the wrap off the device.


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  • Francisco Scaramanga

    Nice news, nice article, thank you,bro gor this nice share!

  • Utsav Sharma

    Let’s hope redmi note 5 has atleast sd 636

    • Tules Kousaki

      Yeah… Note 5 should be 630/6 and Note 5 plus the same or higher, if it gets lower than that it’s gonna be a fucked up shit.

      • Utsav Sharma

        They already downgraded rn3 to rn4

        • Meitnerium

          I don’t have first hand experience with this, but I heard that the note 3 has heating issues, so it is technically faster than the note 4 but it starts to throttle after a while during heavy usage, so the note 4, while not as fast, runs games more smoothly. Both phones are more than fast enough for regular usage. Also, the SD625 in the note 4 is more power efficient than the SD650 in the note 3. I would rather pick lower temperatures, smoother performance and longer battery life than a higher score in benchmarks. I think the “downgrade” was a good decision overall.

          • CRM

            Having both Redmi note 3 & 4, in single threaded tasks like opening apps, navigation, page load, reboot and stuff , Note 3 is twice as fast.
            Performance difference is really noticeable.

          • Josef Izchaki

            Do you have the MTK or the SD version of both?

          • CRM


          • Josef Izchaki

            On both?

          • CRM


          • Josef Izchaki

            That’s odd. I’ve had both and can’t tell much of a difference

          • Flipp0

            I have had Mi Max 1 (SD652) and Mi Max 2 (SD625), Max 1 was indeed faster, however, the diffrence was really small and barely noticeable.

        • Tules Kousaki

          Yeah but, they had a considerably “nice” explanation there, but now i don’t know what they will come up with to defend their actions…if they indeed come with SD 625/26, i won’t buy it, I’ll stay with Note 4x and buy from another brand later, even tho I loved having this company’s smartphone, i loved everything but lack of Gorilla Glass (got some scratches on my Note 4x with no drop and no keys on the same pocket) and the back of the gray color (scratching easily, i hat to buy a cover)

  • florence george

    I really wish they put a powerful SD660 in redmi note 5.
    But sd636 is also fine. Check my channel on YouTube – Tech Phase

    • LifelessNewt

      SD660 isn’t for budget smart phones, people should learn how to deal with it.

      • florence george

        Thats just BS mate. 800 series is supposed to be for high end models. Still lenovo crammed 801 in lenovos 200$ smartphone
        And so was one plus one .
        They are not only thinking about getting profits. That’s all.

        • LifelessNewt

          “They are not only thinking about getting profits. That’s all.

          hahahaha ok, ok. end of discussion.

  • Sohil Rayeen

    launching date

  • Lama

    Well who can bet with me that it will have same audio problems while recording videos?

  • Guaire