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OnePlus 5T Probable Pricing Revealed, Still Quite Competitive

by Joe 25

In the past few days, OnePlus officially confirmed the existence of the OnePlus 5T. Earlier today, the company even confirmed that the launch will take place in New York, without giving out an exact date of the event. The display is said to be upgraded to a 6-inch 18:9 display in the new model but the internals should be more or less the same as the OnePlus 5.

OP5T teaser

While we are still busy figuring out the exact specs of the OnePlus 5T, our source reveals the probable pricing for the model. The OP5T should most likely start at 3499 Yuan ($525) for the 6GB + 64GB model and 3999 Yuan ($600+) for the 8GB + 128GB model. If true, this would make the new model $70-$80 costlier than the existing OnePlus 5 which started at 2999 Yuan ($450). Considering the rumored specs, the OnePlus 5T would once again be a true value for money flagship but this time around, the difference between its price and those of the mainstream competitors wouldn’t be significant. For example, right now, you can get an unlocked Galaxy S8 for around $630. So, things could get tougher for OnePlus at this price tag.

OnePlus 5T

While our source has been right so far, we cannot be 100% sure of these figures. But expect the final pricing to be close to these figures. After all, OnePlus CEO recently confirmed on Weibo that $600 should be enough to purchase the upcoming handset.

What do you think about these prices?

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  • Zero

    Now OnePlus is no longer the company that is worthy to buy since is still missing a lot of features the competition has.

    • NextHype

      which features ?

      • Reggie

        Maybe finger prints onder screen, maybe 2k, maybe ip68,

        • Kice Andonovski

          Camera of OP5 does not have OIS, Camera and camera software not even close to Galaxy S8 performance… OnePlus still is not in a position to go head to head with Samsung Galaxy S series, so price must be much lower than Samsung

          • Davide Masia


          • Kice Andonovski

            First of all, I don’t know whats with the capital letters. Are you yelling or something? Are you 15? 4gb is enough RAM for most tasks on android phone, reason why phone manufacturers put more RAM is because is cheap. Dash charge, 3.5mm jack and oxygen is a plus compared to s8. Dual camera means nothing, most comparisons agree that s8 makes better pictures. Bigger battery means nothing when endurance rating is similar. S8 screen is revolutionary and everybody is copying it, most probably op5t as well. S8 is worldwide phone with local support. OP5 needs to be ordered online in most countries in the world and for hardware issues needs to be sent back via air mail. For a similar price who will order phone via air mail and a risk for support instead a phone which is stated as best on the market at the moment by many, with local support. I like oneplus more than samsung, but they need to be realistic with what they want to achieve.

          • Davide Masia

            I will not argue with a lagsung fanboy.


          • Animatorosoro

            true… aftersale customer service is something pple should not ignore.. but one plus is future proof with the added ram, if i had around 700 dollars, MIGHT go for razer phone, it is amazing for media consumption. personally samsung note series is my most admired phone because of its wacom stylus, still waiting for other companies to genuinely earning the note name coz all of them lack it.

          • Yvalson Antoine

            Bs OnePlus 5 has way better batterylife than the s8 and s8 plus

          • MaxPower

            iPhone jack?

          • NextHype

            yeah… it’s a jack you can reach only by drilling the phone body xD

    • David

      What features are you referring to? And we probably can’t draw a conclusion before the phone is even unveiled.

  • Osman Ustabas

    Not a flagship killer anymore for sure..

  • Tommi

    Price shouldn’t go over 600 dollars (way more expensive on EU as taxes etc)

  • Tommi

    OP5T cost with calculations about 650-660 euro.

    • Dave White

      For this price, you might as well get the Mate 10, which can be found for £615, 128GB/6GB and vastly superior battery, screen and camera.

      • MaxPower

        I was so excited about this new Oneplus, but $550+ seems a little too much for a Q4-17 phone considering that the new generation will come out on Q1-18.

        Then I read your comment about the Mate10 price which I thought it costed around $1000 and never took in consideration.

        You are right, I found a seller on eBay that sells the int’l L29 version 4GB/64GB for $660 shipped.

        Definitely a better deal.

        I’ll wait to know about the official price of OP, if those prices are confirmed then the Mate 10 is no brainier.

        • Lucien

          Hi MaxPower, do not forget that the resellers will add around 100$+ to the retail price of the 5T in China. Moreover, the demand will be so high the first 3 months just after the release which will inflate the price of the device. Ibuygou has a great deal on the Mi Note 3 (283€), I was going to buy it but suddenly they do not deliver to France anymore so I am looking for another device. The Mate 10 is a wonderful device with a crazy battery capactiy (4000mah).

          • MaxPower

            I wouldn’t buy a Oneplus from a reseller. If you live in France then you can buy directly from them

  • Tommi

    8Gb model.

  • Sansa

    S8 in europe is 560€.

    • Bojan Radovanović

      I have bought mine for 500, and it was in pre-order time (just had to take one year contract with my network).
      I payed it with cash, but unlike One+, other phones man can buy monthly, and split that cost on whole year…
      There is s8+ for 620€, LG V30 670€, U11 600€, Huawei Mate will be under 700€ too…
      So, One+ is far away from a good offer now.

  • Ionut Johnny

    Not worth anymore for 600, way too much, it killed itself.

  • Anomym

    Why’d we fight about smartphone anyway . ? Just ask

  • Yvalson Antoine

    Ain’t gonna buy this not worth the price, they shouldn’t have crossed 500 dollars, they are going to fall flat on their faces soon, they are settling which goes against their motto