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Xiaomi Mi 6C May Arrive by Next Month with Full Screen Design, Surge S2 Chipset

by Anvinraj Valiyathara 12

Xiaomi is speculated to debut the Redmi 5 and Redmi 5 Plus smartphones in this week. Also, the company may unveil the Redmi Note 5 smartphone in the next month. Apart from these phones, it is also rumored to be working on a full screen edition of the Xiaomi Mi 6 flagship phone.

Earlier in this year, Xiaomi had launched Mi 5C smartphone. It is the first smartphone from the company to be driven by its in-house chipset called Surge S1. Recent reports have revealed that the Chinese firm is allegedly working Xiaomi Mi 6C that will be featuring the all new Surge S2 chipset.

Previous reports have revealed that the mass production of Surge S2 began in Q3 this year. The rumor mill has revealed contradictory information on the configuration of the Surge S2 chip. Some rumors claim that it will be a 10nm chipset like the Snapdragon 835 which sounds too good to be true.

Other reports claim that it may be mid-range chipset like the Snapdragon 652 since it is speculated to be built with 16nm manufacturing processor. It is rumored to feature four cores of Cortex A73 clocking at 2.2 GHz and four cores of Cortex A53 working at 1.8 GHz.

Fresh information suggests that this phone would be debuting with a full screen design. It is expected to arrive with 5.65-inch display that will be delivering an aspect ratio of 18:9. The smartphone may either launch as Mi 6C or Mi 6X.

The rest of the specs of the alleged Mi 6C phone is expected to be same as Mi 6. Hence, the upcoming full screen version of the Mi 6 is speculated to arrive with a pair of 12-megapixel camera sensors on its back panel.

xiaomi mi 5c
Xiaomi Mi 5c

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Since the rumored Mi 6C is going to arrive with a full screen design, it will be coming with a rear-mounted fingerprint scanner. Like the Mi 6 smartphone, the Mi 6C is also rumored to arrive with glass chassis. The Mi 6C may arrive with a pricing of 2,699 Yuan (~$406).

What do you think about the Surge S2 driven Xiaomi Mi 6C? Will the company debut it this year? Share us your thoughts by adding your comments below.




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  • Zero


    The 16 nm chip is more realistic, even at 12 nm can happen.

    If is 16 nm it is likely to go with 2.2 Ghz A73 quad core and 1.6 Ghz A53 Quad Core…. The GPU might be the Mali G71 MP8 at 850 Mhz

    With that the performance would be near the Huawei Kirin 960 performance and better than the Snapdragon 660. Expecting 125K – 135K score on Antutu.

    If is at 12 nm is likely to go with 2.4 Ghz A73 Quad Core and 1.8 Ghz A53 Quad Core…. The GPU might be the Mali G72 MP12 at 700 Mhz

    With the they would be at Snapdragon 821 levels and even defeating the Mediatek Helio X30. Expecting 150K – 165K on Antutu

    • z4ck

      super ignorant …

      • Zero

        Tell a reason or you are the retarded.

        • JZ VR

          Kirin 960>>SD821

          • Zero

            I agree on CPU wise. GPU wise is FAR below SD 821. Heck, Helio X30’s GPU is even faster than Kirin 960’s GPU.

            The real deal is Kirin 970. That is a very powerful chip.

        • z4ck

          I guess you have never read any article in Anandtech.

          G71 and G72 are both performance ip. The difference is that G71 is Bifrost and G72 is Heimdallr. If you meant “higher efficiency ip”, G51 and G52 is that.
          If you were saying “` if 16nm then G51; elseif 12nm then G71“` we can understand what you wanted to say and it’s logic. But you said “`if 16nm then G71; elseif 12nm then G72“` which proves that you don’t understand at all what those ip is aimed for. Well, I guess you don’t even know what does “ip” mean.

          Another thing, Snapdragon820/821’s kryo ip is known as a “looser” of Performance ip. Its int performance is really poor and the power efficiency is very bad. They somehow managed to get a good score in Antutu just because of their beast Adreno530. Antutu is really biased. Just check the score of s820/821 in geekbench4 and you will open your eyes. Only ignorants refer to Antutu.

          just to remind you
          HelioX30 > Kirin960 >> S821

  • thecoolkid 😎

    I would like it to have Snapdragon 835…

    • Zero

      They have the Mi6 covering it sir.

      • thecoolkid 😎

        Yeah, but no fullscreen design there…

        • Zero

          Mi 6S anyone then?

  • Albino

    406usd for a cellphone that was supposed to be a cheaper version of a cellphone with the same price range?

    What’s going on with xiaomi?

    • Zero

      Maybe is because the in house chip and better cameras.