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Xiaomi & OPPO Working On 3D Facial Recognition Similar to iPhone X

by Jed John 2

When Apple announced the iPhone X with a full-view screen, apart from the expansive display one other feature which stood out is the 3D facial recognition technology which the device packs. The iPhone X represents a huge change in terms of design and features for the iPhone lineup, which ever since its inception had offered users a physical home button. However. Apple decided to ditch the home button and subsequently, the Touch ID on the iPhone X, replacing it with a facial recognition system dubbed Face ID.iphone-8-3d-facial-recognition-camera

The iPhone X’s Face ID feature has continued to receive positive reviews even though the device is still new in the market. The implication is that rival OEMs won’t waste time before debuting a similar feature on their models. Already, there are reports that Xiaomi, as well as Samsung, are working in conjunction with Qualcomm for the use of 3D Facial recognition on their flagships. OPPO has now been fingered to be working on a Facial Recognition technology with Qualcomm. The latest report is that Xiaomi and OPPO are fine-tuning arrangements with Qualcomm for the debut of the technology on their flagships next year.

The 3D Facial Recognition technology is said to be jointly developed by Qualcomm and Wonder Vision while the sensor module will be supplied by Reliance Optoelectronics. The facial recognition solutions would reportedly enter mass production around March and April next year. Apart from the trio mentioned here, Huawei is also tipped as working with Sunny Optical Technologies to develop 3D sensor solutions for its high-end models. In China, Ophelia optical technology is also said to be developing a similar technology and is expected to cooperate with domestic manufacturers in the near future.

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First, it was the full-screen design that has turned into the current trend, are we about seeing another revolution in the industry that could see a reduction in the use of fingerprint recognition technology.By the way, we don’t see the fingerprint sensor going anywhere anytime soon.


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  • Billy Williams

    For the life of me I can’t understand why anyone would want this technology. Picking up the phone and looking at it to unlock is easily more of a time waste than using a finger print scanner. These companies should be putting more time and effort into increasing the efficiency of finger print scanners than trying to work on facial unlocks. I would like to see a finger print scanner (rear mounted) be heavily integrated into the OS removing the need for the OS keys in the first place. Tap goes home, swipe from the left to the right goes back, swipe from the right to the left brings up recent apps. Add some simple gesture support, double tap starts/stops music, clockwise motion around the rim skips track, counterclockwise goes back a track…etc. This is the kind of stuff that makes android easier to use and more efficient on whole. Facial unlock has been on android for a while and its just not as fast and efficient as a well placed finger print scanner.

    Of course the next big thing for fingerprint scanners is underglass finger recognition, which is fine as well. I would like to see going forward that Google and phone developers go more towards complex simplicity in an effort to minimize finger travel in navigating the phones. We are getting 18:9 aspect ration, thinner bezels and increased screen size in smaller footprints. These 6 inch phones need to be more usable, the company that applies great gesture based technology (similar to IPhone X) first will make the biggest splash.

  • Penny

    Your info is wrong. Just check out the Xiaomi Mi Note 3. It released first and already has a better 3D facial recognition than iPhone X. They aren’t just now researching into it. Plus if they were it wouldn’t be as a result of Apple since FaceID is very buggy and can still be easily fooled.