Xiaomi Noise Cancelling Piston Earphones launching December 12

by Habeeb Onawole 2

Xiaomi has announced that it has a new pair of earphones launching soon. The official teaser poster reveals that the new earphones which should belong to the piston line will launch on the 12th of December.

Xiaomi Noise Cancellation earphones 2

The poster also teases the key feature of the upcoming Xiaomi piston earphones. According to a rough translation of the text on the teaser poster, the new earphones will have noise cancellation.

A second teaser poster shows a control slider with a text that translates into “freedom to switch” which might mean that one will be able to adjust the noise cancellation intensity.

It is not yet known if the earphones will be the in-ear or over-the ear type or if it will be wired or wireless.

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Xiaomi has been making earphones for a couple of years now that includes over-the-ear and in-ear earphones. It is important to mention that the earphones are actually not made by Xiaomi itself but by 1More,  one of the companies under its ecosystem.