Xiaomi Mi Note 3’s Camera Benchmarks Score on DxOMark is Better Than iPhone 8, Google Pixel, HTC U11

by Anvinraj Valiyathara 1

DxO Labs that is known for benchmarking the camera prowess of smartphones has recently tested the cameras of the Mi Note 3. The Xiaomi smartphone has managed to salvage an impressive score of 90 of DxOMark benchmarks.

The Mi Note 3 has scored 94 points DxOMark photography benchmarks whereas in the video shooting department, it has scored 82. DxOMark reveals that the Mi Note 3’s camera offers fast and accurate autofocus and impressive zoom capabilities.

Xiaomi Mi Note 3 DxOMark

It can shoot photos with effective noise reduction in different lighting conditions. Also, it is capable of capturing amazing bokeh effect shots. However, the dual cameras do not capture fine details in low light conditions. Also, there is noticeable noise in homogenous and shadow in bright light. Some colour casts were also observed during its benchmarks.

DxOMark Ranking List

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The Apple iPhone 8, Google Pixel and HTC U11 have respectively score 93, 90 and 90 in the DxOMark photography benchmarks. However, the Mi Note 3 is ahead of these phones with an impressive score of 94. The low score of 82 in video recording benchmarks has reduced its overall score to 90.

The Mi Note 3 is not only ranking ahead of iPhone 7 Plus on DxOMark but also it is listed among the top 10 best performing camera phones.