mBlu S (Or Meizu M6S?) Leaks, Priced At ¥2500 (~$378)

by Habeeb Onawole 0

Meizu is working on a full-screen flagship called the Meizu 15 Plus which is set to launch next Spring. Its sub-division, Blue Charm (mBlu) is also reported to be working on a full-screen smartphone.

While there have been rumors of a phone called the Meizu M6S which has been reported to sport a full-screen display, a screenshot surfaced online earlier today revealing the packaging of a phone called the mBlu S with a ¥2500 (~$378) price tag.

Blue Charm S

According to the text in the image, the Blue Charm S will be launched next month. It appears someone got his hands on a unit and is willing to sell it at the price mentioned above, judging from the rough translation of the remaining text. However, there is also a mention of a ¥2000 (~$303) price which might be the official launch price.

It is not yet confirmed if the mBlu S is the same device as the Meizu M6S or a different device entirely. The latest we heard about the M6S is that launch has been shelved till next year due to a camera debugging issue. Seeing as this phone is set to launch next month too, it may be that the Meizu M6S and mBlu S are one and the same.

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Notwithstanding, we are not expecting Meizu to launch a full-screen phone this year. In an interview a few months ago, VP of Meizu Li Nan had explicitly revealed that the Blue Charm line will release a full-screen phone next year.

What do you think of the mBlu S and its unconfirmed ¥2000 price tag?