Save Up To 57% On Koogeek Smart Products This Holiday

by Habeeb Onawole 0

Koogeek is known for its smart products which cover a broad range of categories. To celebrate the holidays, the Dodocool subsidiary has marked down a number of its products in various countries.

Koogeek Christmas Deals

Most of the deals are available in all the countries Koogeek has an online store in but we’ll focus on the US prices for the sake of this post.

Setting up a smart home? Items like the Apple Homekit Smart Plug and HomeKit Smart Bulb have been discounted to $24.64 and $31.44 respectively from original prices $28.99 and $36.99.

If you don’t take care you will lose yourself to all the cakes and puddings flowing around this holiday and add a few pounds. Monitor your weight with the Koogeek Wireless Digital Body Scale which is down to $25.99 from $36.99.

Heard your favorite uncle is coming for the holidays and haven’t gotten him a gift, the Koogeek Smart Arm Blood Pressure Monitor has been cut down from $67.99 to $43.99 or you can pick the Smart Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor that is now priced at $27.99 instead of $32.99.

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There are some other items that are on sale that we haven’t mentioned above. Just visit the link below and grab what you can. While the deals will end on 26th of December, there is no guarantee that stocks will last till then.