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Apple Called Racist By Chinese Users, Face ID Protected iPhone X Unlocked By Third Party

by Michele Ingelido 7

Chinese users are accusing Apple of being racist because Face ID is not always reliable as expected, at least in China. The episode that led people to complain about Apple and Face ID is about a boy being able to unlock his mother’s iPhone X without knowing the password. A husband from Shanghai has reported that his son was playing with his mom’s phone which was locked with Face ID, but he unlocked it without any effort, just by looking at the device and without knowing the password.

iphone x

According to the Cupertino giant, it is a rare and isolated case, but it seems that the company has started investigating the report made by the Chinese man who has been identified with the surname Liu. Chinese people are starting to be worried about the security and privacy features of iPhone X, as this is not the first case in which another Chinese person has been able to unlock a phone locked by its owner with Face ID. A few days ago we learned that a woman had its iPhone X unlocked by her colleague. The women went to an Apple Store to report the issue, and the staff attributed the issue to a “faulty TrueDepth camera”, so they offered a replacement.

But interestingly, the woman’s colleague was able to unlock even the second iPhone X, and right after that, it was discovered that she was able to unlock every iPhone X in the Apple Store. This happened despite the two women having different features (different hair and other features). This is why some Chinese users have started accusing Apple of racism, but we obviously believe that it is just a technical issue and a future update would probably block other Chinese users from unlocking a third party iPhone X.

Do you trust the security provided by iPhone X with Face ID or you think it should get improved by the Cupertino giant?



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  • Zero

    Apple being idiots by applying badly a security feature…

    • Billy Williams

      nah, you’re bound to run into hurdles when you’re breaking new ground. That’s expected. Apple has this all or nothing strategy towards their products. Getting rid of the head phone jack FORCING people to buy Bluetooth. Its super annoying to the end consumer of their products but has the ripple effect of the fact that other companies will copy them, as evidenced by the amount of phones that have since abandoned the headphone jack as well. Face ID, isn’t NEW at all but the complete reliance on it, as Apple is doing, is new. Android companies are doing face unlock but they still have finger unlock/passwords and other ways. A failure on the fingerprint scanner is HIGHLY more likely than face ID but because its corrected easily its not a big deal. Face ID just has too many problems on the surface for it to be the only means for phone security. But that’s Apple, for you. The people that push the industry forward are the ones that take the risks.

  • Semi

    It’s not apple’s fault if most of them look the same, sometimes I wonder if they reproduce themselves using the copy/paste feature

    • princetom

      Lol. This is racist too 😂

      • Abel Makanzu

        So if I think chines look quite the same all of them, I am a racist? interesting how we define what is true …

    • Adrin Sham

      Classic symptom of a racist — sees all members of another race as the same and cannot tell the differences in their facial features but can only tell the differences in facial features of people of his own race, lol.

  • hamaidx

    Shitty Product from a shitbag of a company. Its only time when Apple’s get rotten!!