Nokia’s Holiday Ad Tells You To Switch Off Your Phone For Christmas

by Michele Ingelido 0

Nokia has released a new holiday television advertisement that goes straight to our hearts. The video, which has been also published on YouTube, is called “Be The Gift“, and it is not completely focused on the phones released by the company. The video shows a mother and her young son who are far from each other and stay in touch through messages, calls, and media sharing on their Nokia phones.

In some parts of the video, we can clearly see features and apps present in the latest devices launched by HMD Global: but it is not the main point of the new holiday ad. Through this video, Nokia Mobile gives a message which is hard to find inside an advertisement video related to Android phones: the company tells us to switch off our phones and spend some time with our loved people for Christmas.

Indeed, at the end of the video, there is a happy reunion between the mother who was sad for being far from her son, and her child who is happy to see his mother again. There is no trace of the specs of Nokia devices in the video, which seems to be more focused on the brand-quality, besides focusing on people and on giving an important message in this holiday season.