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Huawei P11 Lite (or P20 Lite) Mockups Appear Online

by Habeeb Onawole 3

Huawei’s 2018 roadmap leaked and revealed that the next-gen P series smartphones will arrive in Q2 2018 though will likely be announced in Q1. One of them is the Huawei P11 Lite (or P20 Lite) and mockups courtesy of Amazon Japan have appeared online.

Huawei P11 Lite

There are reports that Huawei’s P series will have a full-screen display with a notch just like the Essential PH-1 or iPhone X. Although, no one knows what the notch will look like, one of the images shows the P11 Lite with a notch like the iPhone X.

Housed within the cut-out is the earpiece flanked on both sides by a bunch of sensors. There are two image with the iPhone X design. One is a gold variant with thin white bezels surrounding the screen and the other is gray with black bezels. Both images advertise screen protectors for the phone.

The other two mockups advertise cases for the phone but have a different design. Rather than sport very thin bezels and a notch in the display, they look more like the current full-screen Huawei smartphones. The top bezel is home to the front facing camera, sensors and earpiece while the lower bezel has the Huawei branding.

The back reveals a dual camera design in a vertical arrangement with a circular fingerprint scanner below the setup and a LED flash above. The LED flash is positioned within the antenna line just like the Honor V9/Honor 8 Pro.

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Apart from the differences in the screens, both sets of images also differ in button placements. On the iPhone X-esque variant, the buttons are on the left while the other images that advertise the cases have their buttons on the right.

There is a high chance that Huawei will launch the phone with its own unique design as it is not known to imitate designs from other manufacturers. We also presume the P11 Lite may not feature a notch in its display. That design will likely be exclusive to the P11 and P11 Plus.

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  • Zero

    As long they don’t use the rebadged Kirin 659 is OK

  • هادي خآن

    stupid huawei, stop follow apple! make your identity

  • ResoluteCustoms

    Every time a new Chinese phone comes out now they’re assuming it’ll have the notch. Huawei aren’t stupid. They know they’ll get a hammering for going anywhere near the notch design. So best bet is that they’ll stick to the design they’ve been using for the likes of the Mate 10 Pro and their recent midrangers. Full screen, no notch. What good would copying Apple get them? The X is butt ugly whereas the last few years Huawei have produced great looking phones. Huawei are currently 2nd in the World (behind Samsung) in terms of smartphone sales and copying 3rd place competitors would be a step back and leave them with too much negative criticism. Huawei have their own design and identity now. They won’t throw it away.