Hisense H10E & H9E Plus Smart TVs With Google Assistant Announced At CES

by Habeeb Onawole 0

Hisense announced a bunch of smart TVs at the on-going CES in Las Vegas. Two of them, the Hisense H10E and Hisense H9E Plus, are its top models for the year and they both come with Google Assistant.

Hisense had earlier revealed that some of its smart TVs for 2018 will have Amazon’s Alexa built-in. So it was a surprise when it unveiled its top end models and they were shown to also have Google Assistant support. The remote of the two models also have a dedicated button for Google Assistant unlike Alexa.

Hisense H10E
Hisense H10E

The Hisense H10E is the most premium model with a 75” screen. It is the successor to 2017’s H10D model and brings a number of upgrades. The screen is brighter at 2200 nits compared to last year’s model with 1000 nits. Hisense’ custom OS has also been replaced with Android TV. It also has Dolby Vision HDR.

The Hisense H9E Plus comes in 55” and 65” sizes. It has Android TV, Dolby Vision, and also comes with both AI assistants.

Hisense has not announced the prices and release date of both models.

Hisense H9E Plus
Hisense H9E Plus

Apart from those two, there is the Hisense H9E, H8E, and H6E models too. The H9E and H8E both have Amazon Alexa but run Hisense’s custom OS. The H6E on the other hand lacks support for any assistant. Price and release dates have also not been announced for all three.

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This year, Amazon and Google’s assistants will power more devices. We have seen them on TVs and smart locks at CES; we expect them to come with more speakers, earphones, and a bunch of other household appliances before the end of the year.