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HMD Global Trademarks Asha Brand; New Asha Feature Phones Coming Soon?

by Anvinraj Valiyathara 2

HMD Global had relaunched the Nokia brand in the smartphone industry last year. It appears that it will be soon launching phones with “Asha” branding in the near future as it has trademarked the moniker with European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO).

Few years ago, when Microsoft had acquired the mobile division of Nokia, it had also received Asha brand name. However, before Nokia was taken over by Microsoft, the Asha branding belonged to the Finnish firm. Since Asha brand included lowly priced feature phones, it seems that HMD Global is interested in launching such phones as it has trademarked the brand. However, there is no information available on the deal that may have happened between HMD Global and Microsoft to get the Asha brand name.

The Asha brand was quite popular in emerging markets. However, Microsoft had canceled the Asha series of phones because it competed with low-priced Lumia phones such as the Lumia 435. HMD Global has only bagged the Asha brand from Microsoft, but there is no confirmation on whether it will be launching Asha series of phones.


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HMD Global is reportedly working on a new feature phone with model number TA-1047 apart from the Nokia 3310 4G that is rumored to debut soon. Could it be the next Asha phone? We will have to wait few more weeks for the rumor mill to reveal more information on it.

Do you think that HMD Global should reintroduce Asha phones in the market? Share us your views by adding your comments below.

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  • Karoon

    I’ve recently bought a Nokia 150 for my grandpa, what can I say? Compared to Nokia’s old feature phones, the S30+ system created by MediaTek is a joke. No key shortcuts in the menu (i.e. pressing 6 will not open messages), the phone book is limited (Up to 500 contacts) to the point that your contact’s full name may not fit in since the phone can only save 16 letters. I realize that these are simple phones, but at least add back the keyboard shortcuts since a lot of seniors actually relied on them in their old phones.

    • Wyley Coyote

      Phonebook is limited up to 500 contacts? do you or your grandpa even have 500 contacts? i think 500 contacts is more than adequate in a phone like this