Xbox Elite 2 Controller Details Leaked: Type-C Port, Built-in Battery & Bluetooth Support

by Habeeb Onawole 0

Yes, we know its unusual for us to cover gaming-related hardware. Is this a new direction for Gizmochina? Hmmmmm! No comments. Back to the article. Details and images of the Xbox Elite 2 Controller have leaked online and it sure brings a number of interesting features.

Xbox Elite 2 Controller

The Xbox Elite Controller is one of the best gaming controllers in the market. With additional buttons, swappable analog and D-pad buttons, as well as button mapping via the Xbox Accessories app, the Elite Controller is the holy grail for gamers. Nearly three years after its release, it is getting a successor.

The Xbox Elite 2 Controller is said to come with a built-in lithium battery. The original Elite Controller uses 2 AA batteries. So this is a huge upgrade. The battery will reportedly last for 20 hours on a single charge and can be recharged via a USB-C port that replaces the micro USB port.

Another big upgrade coming to the Xbox Elite 2 Controller is Bluetooth support. Even with all its features the original Elite Controller doesn’t have Bluetooth. If you need to use it with a PC, you have to buy the Xbox One Wireless Adapter. That will no longer be required with the Elite 2 Controller.

Last but not the least is button mapping. The new controller will be able to save three different button configuration instead of two. This should most likely remain a hardware switch above the D-pad.

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The Xbox Elite 2 Controller should still have a number of features from the original. At least one image shows the Analog buttons are still removable.

There is no date yet for the launch of the controller, but sources say Microsoft may unveil at the E3 Expo which holds in June.