Samsung Patents Simultaneous S-Pen + Finger Input, May Come With Galaxy Note 9

by Habeeb Onawole 0

Samsung’s Galaxy Note series is the king of productivity for smartphones, thanks mainly to its S-Pen stylus. Over the years, the S-Pen has evolved – it now packs more features and is also waterproof. Nevertheless, more features may be coming according to a new patent release.

The patent application filed at the WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization) will allow users control their phone with the S Pen and finger at the same time.

Galaxy Note S-Pen and Finger Touch

Images provided show a settings screen where you can choose the input method for an application. Like in the one above, which lists various screen scrolling methods, you can choose to use a combination of finger touch and S-Pen where the S-Pen is for input or where the finger is for input.

You can also configure how the stylus should respond when the screen senses a finger touch. An example is shown in the image below where the thickness of the line is increased when the user taps and holds the screen.

Galaxy Note S-Pen and Finger Touch

Samsung has also added a number of hand gestures that serve as shortcuts. Drawing a Z will move to the next memo and drawing it in a mirror-like fashion takes you to the previous memo. You can also add an attachment or delete a memo by drawing a circle clockwisely or  anti-clockwisely respectively.

Galaxy Note S-Pen and Finger Touch

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The patent which was filed back on September 25, 2017 has now been published on WIPO’s website. However, this is not the first time Samsung has requested for a patent for it. The first time was in 2013 at the Korean patent office and in 2014 at the US Patent and Trademark Office. As you can see, there are still bezels and a front-mounted fingerprint scanner in the sample images.

Now that it has received a global approval, we may see it debut in the Galaxy Note 9.





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