Nokia Announces ReefShark High-Capacity, Low Power 5G Chipsets

by Habeeb Onawole 0

Nokia is one of the forerunners in network infrastructure. Lately, the Finnish company has its hands full with 5G, the next big thing in the network industry. Today, it has announced new chipsets for use in network towers.

Nokia ReefShark

ReefShark, as the chipsets are known, brings a number of new features such as:

  1. increase in throughput (amount of data moved) from 28 gigabits per second in current modules to 84 gigabits per second. When chained together, it can handle as much as 6 terabits per second.
  2. reduction in network towers’ massive MIMO antenna size by half.
  3. 64% reduction in power consumption.

The chipsets consists of:

  1. ReefShark Digital Front End for LTE and 5G Radio systems
  2. ReefShark RFIC front-end module and transceiver
  3. ReefShark Baseband Processor

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Nokia says it has begun working with up to 30 network operators and will start shipping the chipsets in Q3 2018.

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